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Improve the Country’s Security by Using Police Radio

Because of global terrorism, each and every country is strengthening their security structure. For hi-tech security, apart from deploying latest weapons, the better intra communication among the security personnel also plays a very crucial role. Using a police radio, one can have the amazing intra communication quality during the time of emergency incident. It can be easily operable in the control room of the police station and can direct the police personnel to the spot of emergency incident. The safety and security of the airport are the primary aim of country’s security agency.

Using the airport radio, one can easily manage the crowd during the peak days or holidays. With use of it, the airport security personnel can get the secret information about criminals from the central security agency and can keep the vigil march throughout the airport.

The marine radio can be used for various purposes. It plays a magnificent role during the time of rescue operation. It allows the marine operator to communicate with the harbours, locks, bridges, and marinas with the outstanding voice quality. The TETRA radio is also a kind of walkie talkie which proved to be operable in and withstand the adverse condition of the environment. It plays the important role in metro communications by offering help in rail and road transportation services, emergency services, fire and safety services, etc. The walkie talkie like a trunked radio has incredible battery durability and offer full network signal even in low network area. It offers high voice quality by using Narrowband codecs technology.

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Range of Communication Handsets Available Today

Various communication handsets are available today to entertain and to remain in contact with group. 2 way radio is used to contact people. Such mobile radios use two radio frequencies, one to receive and one to send message. These mobile radios us two wavelengths one to receive the message and one to send it, these are used by the groups to stay in tuned to the group while working on sites and the team mates are working in different spots. These adios are also used by many business houses to increase their work.

There are other portable radios that are used to communicate, but these are used at work places where their own personal safety is at stake. For example, people working at the oil rigs and other sensitive area. They need radio sets that are safe to use, the radio sets used by such personnel are known as the safe radio.

Digital radios use a technique of converting the sound into the number pattern and are deigned to perform better. Some of these radios are known simply as pure digital radio. The digital radios are modified to perform better and the application is very simple to use. One has to choose the location from the alphabets or names displayed. Rest of the work is done by the built in technique.

The wireless radio work on the principle of one main junction with various connections. The range of contact is wide spread, with the option of connecting to other bases, two way radios and also can contact other zones. Thus, this serves as a safety measure to be used by the various pubic service departments. The walkie talkie police radio and such radios are among the variants available. All the three models are used by the police force and security agencies.


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The Modified, Fast Communication Portables Keep Communication Gaps at Bay

Technology advanced to make things workable using batteries, the stationary radio was improved to entertain as well as to communicate. Later on Wireless radio came into existence. The commercial version of the hand held radio is used by the builders, transport service or in any wide spread site of any large business houses. When the PMR solution could not justify, DMR radio took over.

An exclusive portable radio used by the police force to remain connected to the head quarters as well as the force working in the field is police radio. Whether it improved the working of the police force or not is another issue. Another variety is the two way radio. It has the ability to send and obtain messages. The handset permits the user to talk with others, who function from the same band. To match the changing trend the audio transceiver got modified to digital two way radio.

The communicating mode used by men at sea, by both, the navy and commercial ships are the marine radio. Yet another form of the digital radio is the airport radio, used by the airport staff to contact the control room and the staff working in various sections of the airport. To get equipped with modern technology and advanced communication trends India too started using the latest digital radio India.

Repeater is used instead of more radios to increase the range of the radio systems. The efficient working of the telecommunications depends on the paths and connections used by the trunking system. A modification that follows the MPT specifications is MPT trunking.

Metro Communications would be the ideal location to look for all your needs to stay tuned with others. Here, you may find the exclusive tetra radio, an advanced trunked radio that is used by the various government offices, emergency help lines and other government services. Tetra uses 4 routes to work on TDMA mode, one of the most advanced technologies.

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The Walkie Talkie, Its Variants and Their Uses

The best and most economic alternative to mobile or cell phone is walkie Talkie. It is because, neither one has to worry about getting connectivity with a tower, nor has to pay the exorbitant charges while using it outside the registered state.

A walkie talkie is a safety measure that is useful when one has to be connected with people within a scope, depending upon the walikie talkie’s capacity. This piece, which is so handy that it can be carried anywhere, can help people be in touch with persons they wish to contact, irrespective of their whereabouts. The walkie talkie is a safety measure, or can be useful to a group working in different locations and have to communicate with others in the team. This 2 way radio is available in many varieties like “FRS/ GMRS, GPS“.

The limits of the area covered by the walkie talkie could be from two to ten miles depending on the model and the height of the aerials used. The handset works better in open areas where the where there are no obstructions. Another variety is a portable radio. This is a small sized radio set working on a ‘transistor circuit.’ This variety of radio is mainly used as an audio entertainer.

In place of using a lot of radios and other connecters, it is better to use a repeater to extend the reception range to a wider area. The reception may increase to multiple of hundreds of miles. These may be used to send various types of alerts. Moreover the use of repeaters costs less than the other network alternatives. These attachments may be used in areas that may create hurdles in sending the alerts.

The repeaters are available in wired or without wire types. An application of this kit may be seen as a network of computers to share the information or the net. In a Hub, one can find a lot of connections using repeaters and computer network.

The other types of walkie talkies are the , which is used by the police force. These handsets are used by a police officer to connect with the others in the department and to maintain peace. The other variant of the radio is the marine radio, which is used by the radio officers in a ship. This is found with the commercial ship mates or the naval officer’s. Both use it to send alerts to the other ships at sail or the ground office for instructions.

The last and most important in this series of radio is the PMR solution. PMR stands for the professional mobile radio or private mobile radio. Wherein, with a central point many mobiles can connect. Hence, even today when far advanced radios are available, these models are used by the cabs associations for quick and easy communication.

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Are Walkie Talkie Radios Really Helpful for Mass Safety and Security?

Mass safety and security should always be in hands of responsible people. But even they need proper communication and coordination to conduct thins at right time, which is only possible with walkie talkie radios. These types of radios enable police, military and such governments to communicate without any limitation of wire, network or data. These systems are known as PMR radio systems (professional mobile radio systems).

They work on two way communication system and so are also known as two way radio. Such latest radios have trunked and digital message transfer system. The trunked system allows them to communicate to more than one person at a time (i.e. point to multipoint) and also one to one (i.e. point to point). While digital message transfer systems helps them to communicate through legible messages. These types of systems are nothing but open digital platforms for PMR radios and are known as digital radio (DMR).  

There may not be a better system of communication than this, which is also capable of breaking network barriers like high-rise buildings, mountains, and such. That is why such wireless radios are given to organizations and systems that are involved in public safety and security like police, frontier guard, ambulance, fire services, etc. A police radio can also be used by private companies for mass or individual security reasons. These radios are easy to operate and are comparatively cheaper than other means of communication. License is required to use such systems and so they are used only for safety and security reasons.

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Radio Systems That Gives You Extra Security

Security officials are like the backbone of every, city, state and country. Their need should be given priority, especially when it is for the better of people. For their frequent and interruption free communication they should be given latest portable radio. These radios should have all the latest facilities that allow it to work even in remote areas or the areas where there is lots of frequency disturbance. These systems for metro communications is capable of working in weirdest frequency interruption and that is why it is necessary that the systems are of best quality with latest networking systems enabled.

In metropolitan areas where there are high-rise buildings it is necessary that the best two way radio should be used that too with the support of repeater system. The repeater system transmits the frequency at high altitude so that it can reach far distance without any problem or interference.

Taking this system further to another level many companies have started combining MPT trunking. The DMR radio is best useful with this system as the system allows people to communicate in mass along with sending visible messages that analog networking radios were not capable of. Moreover, this system is affordable and is capable of working in tense network areas. This system is very useful for civil security purpose, it is equally useful for private security purpose, but for mass security it is the right thing to adopt.

PMR solution is the latest technology that these companies provide and is best seen with TETRA radio (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) system, because it allows people to communicate in group and also one to one. In India, police radio is also mostly of TETRA system.

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India Needs Tension and Latest Walkie Talkie Systems

India has second largest population in the world, and with such population the security concern obviously increases. Indian government has already started using PMR Solutions for better communication between the security professionals. Railway, airways, and marine department of India have been using latest PMR metro communications since a decade. But the development never stops, with time threat and terrorism increased. To control the chaos and maintain order and peace Indian security system also has to upgrade from PMR to Digital Mobile radio (DMR).

It is not that the PMR is outdated technology, in fact PMR and MPT trunked radio is one of latest and most useful technology. The same technology is used in Digital mobile radio, but because PMR is limited to audio messages and DMR allows audio, video, and other forms of communication with additional facilities, DMR is preferred. The advanced method of trunking is used in TETRA radio. TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) that allows the transceiver to send and receive message to more than one channel (system) at a time.

Repeaters are installed in places where high rise buildings, mountains or cliffs are available. The repeater receives the message and re-transmits the same on higher altitude so that it can reach far distance without being destroyed or tempered. An airport radio has all these facilities, but there is no end for improvement. The system with TETRA support is also capable of communicating short data services and status message that was not previously possible with analogous system.

These are two way radios and are generally referred as security radios. Development in security is necessary and Indian government should select the best wireless radio for the security of 121 million people living in India. With the focus on tension and network free system which is quite possible with the help of TETRA and repeaters. There is not much difference between the price of a professional mobile radio (PMR) and digital mobile radio (DMR), so why not choose the best available DMR radio. Motorola, Hytera, vertex Standard, Simoco group, Radiodata, and Tait Communications are among the best international companies that manufacture PMR and DMR devices.

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Wireless and Its Variants Used by Professionals

Wireless radios mean either a radio that works without the use of wires or it could mean the latest versions of radios that perform using the net connections. There is a misconception about the radio and the wireless being two different commodities. This works on the same principle that a radio officer in the marine mode of transport uses to send messages or the telegraphs work using the Morse code.

In the crucial period of World War II Walkie talkie radios were designed to help the commanding officers communicate with the troop. These instruments later on found a place in the market. It resembles a large sized mobile with an aerial jutting out. The latest version of the instrument is used to control a crowd or where the security group has to communicate within the unit.

A modified version of this is the 2 way radio, available in both models. This form of radio can send and receive messages at the same time using two wave lengths at the same time, without the transmission tower…  Safe radio, a variant of the two way radio is used by people working in areas like the oil refinery; rig or where the explosives are stocked and has the user’s safety as first priority.

Professional Mobile radio’ or PMR Radio is specially designed for the police headquarters, to send or receive calls from the squad on the move and address or alert the public. The professionals use this licensed brand to communicate with their teammates at work in different sites.  The English police force was the first to use this model in the late sixties. A variation of this is the Covert Radio or the radio for security and vigilance devised to be worn by the user. This has a microphone to be worn behind shirt collar and transmission kit covered with a leather belt and concealed wires, a bigger version of covert radio is slung to the side of the torso; fastened with straps to the shoulder and the start button is kept in the palm in both cases.

With the changing times and the popular use of the internet has transformed the performance of the radio transmission resulting as pure digital radio is a product of Pure.

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