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A visit to a millionaire

Recently, I received an inviting letter from my old friend, Mrs. Wang, who was doing jewelry business mainly pandora. I was on my way immediately. Flushed with excitement; I stepped into the spatial vestibule and was immediately dazzled by the scene before me. The inlaid Mable floor paved the way to a circular staircase rising three levels above a fountain in the center of the entryway stood a pandora silver dolphin balancing on its tail, its snout painted to the lofty domed, stained –glass skylight forty feet above. A massive chandelier, luminous in the bright sunlight, cast Rainbow rise dancing through the pink, green, and gold floral patterns of the floor and around the snowy white walls.
Before I could fully appreciate the beauty of the intricate plaster work decorating the edges of the shallow niches installed in the walls to frame the numerous paintings, or, indeed, to appreciate the canvases themselves, her host, Mrs. Wang, approached?Small by Asian standards, she was perfect proportioned. Slightly balding at the forehead, her silver hair curved onto the collar of her pale blue dress at the nape of her neck. Shining blue pandora necklace, which was composed with a long Pandora chain made of Pandora silver and a big Pandora crystal. There were still many pandora beadssurrounded it just like shining stars in the dark.
A straight, aristocratic nose rose to meet her slightly arched brows. Would you like to see more of the house? She asked, politely.
Would I? You bet? I was happy she gave no indication that she thought she was not in her bracket. The long hair couldn’t hide the light of her pandora charms which made her smile so sweet.
I left my briefcase on the settee near the door and followed her through the foyer to a stairway leading to a lower level of the house.
We began the tour in the wine cellar. A heavy, double-thick door opened to reveal row upon row of gleaming glass bottles of vintage wines, all lying on their sides, cradled by the solid oak racks. The steady hum of machinery broke the silence of the insulated room. She stretched out her hands to take mine. Her carefully manicured hands bore a gold pandora bracelets. And then Mrs. Wang explained that it was necessary to control the ventilation, temperature and humidity of the cellar to achieve optimum conditions for conserving the flavors of the expensive wines.
The small but luxurious audio visual theater was adjacent to the wine cellar. Leather upholstered realigning chairs were casually arrayed about the room, all with an unimpaired view of the retractable screen. The stereo, silent at the moment, was state of the art, with speakers tactically installed for maximizing sound effects. Black walnut wood paneling and a baffled ceiling averted the possibility of overly loud entertainment disturbing others in the mansion.
Sliding glass doors led from the lowest level of the living area to the enclosed kidney shaped swimming pool. Turquoise and white ceramic tiles outlined with pandora gold covered the deck area. Pillars of quartz topped with milk glass spheres provided illumination should anyone choose to swim after dark.
At last, I thank for her inviting, and I was so addicted in the fantastic condition. However it was getting dark out side, I went home afterwards. I can still remember the scene today!

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The Handsome Boy

Emma always thought whether it was a college, which had boys more than girls, or why she seldom saw handsome boys?
It was Saturday, a rest day, Emma went to library as usual. She went to library not meant she liked studying, but she liked the feeling in library. Emma loved reading very much. Maybe there was some person she liked here.
Emma had come to library for two years and then she met a boy, a very handsome boy who wore red sport pant, green sport cloth and a pair of white shoes. He was tall and thin. Emma was deeply attracted by his look when he was reading.
Emma followed him from library to pandora bookstore in campus. She was too shy to see him, so she looked at him far away. She stared at his charming face.
Leaving the bookstore, Emma followed him to a gift shop. She saw he selecting pandora jewelry, the one young girls liked best. The handsome boy stayed here for about half an hour, and he looked pandora bracelets, Pandora chain and pandora charms and other jewelry. He bought a yellow pandora chain with crystal last.
Emma thought who would get this present, was his girlfriend?
Thinking about this, Emma was a little unhappy. She had been in this college for two years to find her Mr. Right, and he had already had a girlfriend.
Emma did not want to follow him anymore, so she went back to dormitory.
Sometimes we had to believe destiny, which was amazing.
When Emma woke up the next day, she was scared by her roommate who stood beside her bed to look at her.
“What are you doing?” Emma asked.
“Nothing.” Lily went away and smiled.
Emma was confused, but Lily was always like this, a little muddleheaded.
After washing face, Emily came to her, asked her to dress beautiful, and took her jeans away.
“There must be something, tell me.” Emma knew there was something different, but her three roommates did not tell her, so she had to give up.
It was time to take breakfast; they even refused to go downstairs with her. They requested they were three meters away from Emma.
Emma went downstairs with questions. When she went out of dormitory, she saw that handsome boy was standing there. It seemed he was waiting somebody.
Emma never thought what he did next. The boy came near to her and gave her that pink tiny box which Emma had seen.
Then, Emma smiled, he was her Mr. Right, and she knew that pandora necklace.

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“Lily, what will you do tomorrow?” After class, Emma asked her best friend Lily on the way home.
“Mum and I will go to see circus in pandora City tomorrow. How about you, Emma?” Lily was a quiet girl not like Emma who was always spoke and laughed loudly.
“That must be interesting. I have to stay at home, watching boring TV program or reading comics.” Emma was upset.
Emma and Lily said goodbye at a crossing road and went to home individually. Passing by the garden around their home, Emma found many people were standing there. Emma was always curious, so she could not give up this opportunity to see something fun. She ran to the crowd and saw many jewelry. pandora jewelry, these two words were on a billboard. pandora charms, Pandora earrings, Pandora chain, etc. How beautiful they were.
“Ah, jewelry, how beautiful! Mum would not buy one for me. She always says I am too young to wear any jewelry, but I have been in 3th grade. My mum is mean!” Emma thought a loud.
Then Emma noticed those very beautiful pandora bracelets, and she could not move her eyes away any more, “I must have one.”
Emma went home quickly and went to her grandpa’s bedroom directly.
Looking her face, grandpa said with surprise, “What’s wrong, Emma?”
“Grandpa, you are the most important people to me.” Emma smiled at once.
“What do you want me to buy for you?” Grandpa knew what was in Emma’s mind.
“How do you know?” It was turn for Emma to be surprise.
“Every time you speak like this to me, there must be something. ”
“But how do you know I want to buy stuff?” Emma was still confused.
“Because I have this for you.” Grandpa said and gave a tiny box to Emma.
Emma opened it and she could not believe her eyes, pandora bracelet! A pink Pandora bracelet was there.
Emma gave her grandpa a huge hug, “How do you know I like this, grandpa?”
“I took a walk and found it was beautiful, I remembered you complain you do not have one jewelry, so I buy one for my lovely Emma.” Grand smiled graciously.
That night, Emma had sweet dreams. She danced with Ben, the handsome boy in her class, and they were all happy. And then they went to see circus with Lily. When Emma woke up the next day, she just remembered she had dreams, but she could not remember what they were.

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“Grandma!” The two sisters wanted to drag their grandma’s arm, but she disappeared like air.
“Who can tell me what happened at all?” Amy frowned.
The only pandora World person in this room was Charlotte. “What I can tell you is that you are princess of this world, and your grandma is the queen. Now she needs time to enhance her magic, and you are already 16 years old, so you can come here to rule this world.”
“We, rule this world?” Emma said, “It is impossible.”
“Why?” Charlotte asked.
“Actually, I can’t believe what happened so far.” Amy said.
“Yes, me too.” Emma seldom agreed with her sister.
They are twin sisters, but they have different characters. Amy was the older sister, and she was mature, smart, and careful while Emma was younger sister who was always like a kid, naughty, active, audacious.
“It is time to dress to have dinner.”
Saying about dinner, the two sisters were very hungry.
Charlotte helped them to dress. They looked at mirror and could not believe their eyes. How beautiful they are! Especially for Emma, she did not like dressing a girl, but now, she thought her best friend did not recognize her.
They followed Charlotte to pass through many long corridors, so when they sat at the dinner table, they sweared that they could not find the way to come back.
When they looked at delicious food on table, an old man with long white beard came in. They sat up quickly.
“Sit down, sit down.” The old man sat opposite to them.
“At first, welcome to Pandora World.” He smiled, “and second, I am George, you can call me long beard grandpa like other people.”
“Who are you? I mean why you meet us.” Amy asked.
“I am in charge of the internal affairs, and I am your grandma’s friend.” Then he stopped speaking and seemed to think about something, “I am too old to remember something, so I will tell you what in my mind at first,” he continued, “Your pandora bracelets and pandora charms. You must take care of them. I will give you a book about them. And now, we have dinner.”
During the dinnertime, Amy and Emma asked many questions about this world, and they were sure that they had been in another magical world.
After happy dinner, long beard grandpa gave them a book about pandora jewelry and told them take care of this book carefully, because only the people have these jewelry could read the book.
“But I see Charlotte wears a charm, does it a pandora charm?” Emma asked long beard grandpa in a whisper.
“No, her charm is not the same like yours. You will know that on this book.” long beard grandpa said.
Amy and Emma came back to their rooms, and now they started to love this world. They never thought they really could live as princess so that they forgot to read their book. What they want to do now is to try every new clothes and shoes in their coatroom.

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Grandmother’s House

“Emma,” Amy shouted loudly at her little sister, “I told you, do not touch any thing of this room.”
“Why?” Emma said when she walked to an old jewel box.
That’s was a wooden jewel box with weird pattern. Emma felt that it called her to be close to this box so that Emma could not help walking to it.
Emma raised her right hand and touched the box, “It must have magic.” Emma murmured.
“Emma, you’d better not open it. Let’s leave this room.” Amy tried to drag her sister. At that moment, the jewel box opened itself and a beam of light emerged that the two girls disappeared. Then the box closed, and it seemed nobody came to this room.
Emma and Amy woke up and found they were lying on soft beds. This room was full of nameless pink flowers.
“Where are we?” Emma tried to sit up.
“Welcome to pandora World.” A sweet voice sounded.
Amy and Emma were surprised to find there was another one here. In addition, they noticed that the owner of the voice was a girl almost at their age.
“You just said Pandora World, what’s that and who are you?” Amy asked.
“I am Charlotte, and you are the princesses of Pandora World.” Charlotte smiled.
“Me, princesses!” Emma pointed at herself unbelievably, “I am dreaming.”
Amy also didn’t know whether it was a dream, so she pinched Emma’s arm.
“It isn’t a dream.” Amy said sedately.
At that moment, an old woman came in. She wore a crown and seemed very noble.
Amy and Emma stared at her although they knew it was impolite.
As the old woman walking closer, Emma shouted suddenly “Grandma!”
Amy looked at her carefully and walked to their grandma.
They were so happy to see grandma here, but did she was dead several days ago?
Grandma knew their minds, and she opened a jewel box.
“Is it…?”
“Yes, it is the box you are seeing in my room.”
Grandma opened it and gave two bracelets to Emma; two charms to Amy.
“They are unusual jewelry which belongs to pandora jewelry. These are pandora bracelets, and these are pandora charms. They have magic. You need to treat them as your friends, because you will protect this world with them.”
“Grandma, I don’t quite understand.” Emma felt confused.
“Don’t worry; you will know how to get along well with them. Here are pandora earrings as presents for you. And now, I need to go.” Grandma finished her words and disappeared.

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Green Sisters

pandora World seldom had rain, so it was always sunny.
“What happened? Bella, tell us. Aren’t we friends?” Emma pretended to be angry.
“All right, I will tell you, but you promise do not tell anyone else, or I will come back to pandora charms and never come back again.” Bella said seriously.
“Ok, we promise.” Emma said at once.
“Green sisters are very beautiful in our world, and many boys are crazy about them, which includes Mike.” Betty stopped suddenly.
“Who is Mike?” Amy asked.
“Mike is our classmate, and he is a genius for magic. He is smart, handsome, rich and polite; it seems that all the merits show on him. So, my poor sister fell in love with him secretly.” Betty continued, “But one day, Bella saw Mike went home Green sisters, and they seemed happily, from then on, Bella doesn’t like them.”
After listening to this love story about Bella, Amy and Emma did not know how to say. This could also happen in any races.
“Is Mike a elf living in pandora jewelry?”Amy thought they should break the silence, so she asked.
“Yes, he is the soul of pandora gold. ”
“Who is pandora gold’s owner?”
“I don’t know, I just know that pandora person was a duke. Before we finishing our study, we are forbidden to see you, so we can only study at school until we pass the terrific tests.” It obvious they did not like boring study life.
“Betty,” Bella said, “Do you hear some sounds?”
“No, what happened?”
Amy and Emma also looked at Bella.
When the people looked around, Emma found her pandora bracelets were light.
Two elves came here.
“Hi, Betty, Bella!” If they were the same size of human, they must be very hot. Emma thought.
“Hi, Jill, Rachel.” Betty smiled to them.
Bella turned her head to another direction, and said, “I am tired, I will go to sleep.” Then she disappeared without saying anything.
Green sisters did not care about Bella and said happily to Emma and Amy, “We are so excited to come to pandora world; we are sure we will be good friends.”
Then they talked about many things, Emma and Amy found that Green sisters were lovely girls. Even if Bella loved Mike, it was not Green sister’s fault. Bella was sensitive.
Amy started to worry that their further cooperation life.

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There were six students in pandora School’s exorcist class including Winni. They were Derek whose weapon was pandora bracelets sword; Gilbert whose weapon was pandora gold with Budda beads; Harvey, whose weapon was pandora earrings; Aron whose weapon was not sure now; Winni was the same as Aron; Belinda whose weapon was pandora beads around her wrist. But they were not united at all, Even they were enemies sometimes, because they had their own characters too much.
Andrew started to organize a class to promote unite.
They stayed at Andrew and Derek’s dormitory, but they did not know the true meaning of this class before.
Everyone sat a circle and did not speak anything, Andrew said suddenly, “I will go to transact something, and you must stay here.” Then he left.
It was so quiet, even breath sound could be heard.
It was dark suddenly.
“What happened?”
“No electricity.”
When they thought why it was no electricity, they felt danger was coming near.
Under the help of moon light, they saw a huge demon with two heads came toward to them. Although they had saw demons before and fought with them, this demon seemed too strong for them to defeat it.
Gilbert spoke incantation at first with as rolling his Pandora gold with Budda beads. However it was no effect to this demon because demon was still came to them.
At that moment, the demon became two demons and each of them had two heads. No time left for thinking, Derek went out to lure demons out, and then he can draw Pandora bracelets sword. When the other people thought there was no danger, the found only one demon went out with Derek, and the other still stayed in room.
“Gilbert kept speaking incantation, it should have effect. Harvey, fight with them to delay time, and other people be careful!” Belinda assigned work.
“Why we have to obey your direction?”
“If you want to live, you have to listen to my direction.” Belinda said and called two white foxes. They were also demons who made appoint with people to work for people. Not all the people had ability to do this.
They worked together to kill that demon and the room was light again.
“Are you ok?” Derek asked.
“Did you kill that by yourself?” Gilbert could not believe that.
“No, it is me.” Andrew said with his pandora charms gun.
“Andrew, why there is demon here? It can not come to school.”
“This is a test for you.”
“A test ?”
“Yes, a test to make you more united.”
“You need know, nobody can kill a demon by himself mostly.” Andrew said.
The other people looked at each other. They knew Andrew’s saying was right, but how can they obey to other people’s direction? After this attack, they already had known they must work together in the future. They thought of Derek at the same time. Derek saved them alone, why they could not help him? They were classmates and may be friends later.
Andrew looked at everybody and knew his plan was right.

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Winni II

“What is in Winni’s legs?” On the way topandora school, Derek asked Andrew.
“It is demon, but Winnni should make appoint with her, or it can not come to her legs.”
“What will you do?” Derek asked.
“You will know it tomorrow.”
Derek did not know why he cared about Winni so much. He hoped she would be ok.
Next morning, Derek woke up very early, even earlier than Andrew.
“When can we go to medical shop?” He stared at Andrew who was wearing his glasses.
“After classes.”
Derek was uneasy the whole day until they came to Winni’s home.
When Andrew talked to Winni’s mother about Winni, Derek was chatting with Winni happily.
“Winni is like this after her grandma passed away. What she does is to take care of this garden. And she can not walk.” Winni’s mother said.
“What happened between you and Winni?” Andrew found something was different between them.
“Winni was valetudinarianism since she was born, and I was busy about this shop, so she was taken care of her grandma all the time. Then we are unfamiliar for each other. After her grandma died, she lives in that garden, and I worry about her, but I do not how to persuade her to left that garden and have new life.”
When they were talking, they heard a scream from garden, and it obviously for Winnni, so they ran to garden quickly.
Andrew saw Winni was possesion by a demon, and Derek was preparing to draw his pandora braceletssword.
Andrew held his pandora charms gun and aimed at that demon.
“She promised to stay with me forever. She can not leave this garden!” That demon said.
“Put Winni down!” Andrew shouted.
“No, you can not shoot me, and then she will die…” The demon did not finish his words, but Andrew had shot to him.
“Winnni will die!” Derek said in a hurry.
The Demon was dead, and Winni was faint.
“Do not worry. She is good.” Andrew put some powder on her wound and Winni was awake again.
“Winni!” Winni’s mother held her daughter and cried.
“Winni, I will take care of garden from now on.” Derek smiled.
After this, because Winni had seen demon, so she had quality to attend exorcist classes.
Winni touched her pandora bracelet and pandora charm, and she believed she could have a better life now even though she did not have grandma now. Grandma will protect her in the heaven.

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He did not hurt you

A girl told me with tears that:” he hurt me to death, all of my suffer are from him.” he was a man who once take her as a his own pandoragoddess, she was flawless in his eyes. He gave her no matter what she wanted, never tired of giving her surprise, cause he told her all the meaning of his life was to make her happy, live a happy life. He sentpandora jewelry at her birthday, and they once planed to book pandora gold ring as the engagement ring, there was so many happy scenes in their life, she felt like princess in the fairy tale. However, all the fairy tale was broken in one night. He loved another girl, he told her that he was not good enough for her, he was sorry for all the stupid words he said. ” how could he do this to me, he loved me, boiled me, after i had gotten used to the world being around by him, he deserted me to the love desert which once was the fertile love land. I do not care the pandora charms or any other pandora bracelets any more, i just want him back, he was my world, i do not how to move on with life without he accompany me.” she still can not give out the stubborn concept to get him back, forgetting that he did not love her any longer. When he loved you, you are everything to him, but when he turn his love away from you, what you means to him. Love is perceptual, it can not be controlled. If you felt the fact he does not love you any more make you hurt, then he does not hurt you, it is you who hurt yourself. Love a person who does not love you any more or who does not love you at all is a tough task and a kind of bitter. But it it you decision, it does hurt, but how could you blame others, you are the one who chooses which path to go on. It is does not matter the one you loved could afford pandora crystal or not, what important is if he love you as you love him. Love is like tango, when one person move up, the other move back, the privity between you both is the key point of the dance, but if there is just one part make moves, or they can not fit in with each other, it is really hart to make it a pleasant communication. Love is like the marketing as well, a successful pandora chain seller would know what is the customer really need, love is give what he or she need, make him happy, it is the original and primary meaning. So if you felt hurt in one love, then the truth is you can not be satisfied in one love, maybe you should consider that if that love deserve your heart, after all we love cause we want be felt happiness being cared by someone.

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Faster watch

Do you have the habit that have you watch faster than the standard time? Sometimes someone makes his watch faster just for reminds himself for some important meeting or the time accompany the girlfriend to go shopping for pandora jewelry. After the important thing, they would correct the watch to the right time, but there are some other people who make their watch faster and forget or not want to revise it, and with time going by, they forget the really time, so she or he would be early then the appointed time for meeting or shopping time for pandora jewelry. To make the clock faster is just the cheat oneself, the actual can not be changed by the clock time. When one take a glance of the clock, and being aware that how faster the time flows, then one begin to remember that it is not the right time. What keeps the time from flowing is just one stopped clock, or one faster clock. We have five minutes for cushion if the time is adapted five minutes faster, if it is adapted fifteen minutes faster, we would have fifteen minutes cushion. One girl who once sent me pandora bracelets and lives in Canada wrote to me that the time she stayed in Canada, celebrating her birthday, the person she kept in mind was that man who she loved, while the man’s attitude toward this love was vague. Her time was the time of Hong Kong, at 2 a.m. She thought he might had fall in sleep, she watching this clock until the morning, felt that stayed with him all the night. He once sent her pandora charms, but he never said that wards to her, obviously, he still hesitate about their feeling. Her time stopped for a man who has no enough courage to face this love. What can Pandora jewelry do, maybe one pandora gold ring can change this situation. We always confused by time, the past, the current, of course, in the future, it is sure to happen. Human can never drop the attention to time, they all love money, but they treat the intangible time than tangible money which they think is almighty and can buy anything like pandora chain. What we can do to a faster watch? In fact, we can do anything or nothing, cause the real time will not change at all for watch, it is free and can not be controlled, that is the reason we said people was equal to each other at the front of time.

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