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A Model’s Story—two

pandora always held and idea that she would have a life of happiness and prosperity forever. But things never went well as she expected. After the wedding, she gave up her ascendant career. Compared to the honor, she chose the wealth. On the basis of receiving Andrew’s presents, she believed that it was true love.
However, Andrew went out for business more frequently than before. Every time he came back, he would send her a pandora charm
as usual. It seemed that it was a convention for him to make compensation. Pandora was so curious that she hired a personal detective to investigate husband.
As a matter of fact, Andrew had a sweetie in the neighboring city. She was a model who was much younger than Pandora. Andrew bought a beautiful apartment for her. Every month he lied to Pandora for the reason of business.
In fact, in order to avoid Pandora’s suspicion, he bought a charm to show his affection for her. Pandora took out all the pandora charms
and counted. It was twenty four. In other words, Andrew had betrayed her for two years. Her heart was hurt badly. She even had an impulsive action of killing him. But she did not. After a while, she calmed down.
The next day, they divorced. As the law, half of the wealth was distributed to her. Due to her age, she could not be a model any more. From then on, she had to start her own business.
She was born with the talent of designing. At first, she just designed for herself. As soon as she attended a party, she would wear the pandora jewelry
she designed. Her friends always spoke highly of it. They asked her to design for them.
An idea came into her mind. She set up an office which was specially used to receive the wealthy ladies. They would bring their pandora gold
of silver to her. Then she designed it into the jewelry they liked. There was no doubt that they would pay for her designers. Her designs were unique. Among them, pandora braceletshad been popular for a long time. Pandora would carve the image on it according to different people.
On the other hand, she was good at connecting beads. The customers could bring their beads there, or buy some pandora beads
from her office. Then she carved them into different shapes. All the designs were full of meanings. For example, the round implied they were as close as a family. The heart had a meaning of loving you forever. The triangle meant to be honest and loyal. Then she connected them with a pandora chain. A moment later, a pandora necklace took shape.
Sometimes she would teach the customers how to design if they bought jewelry in her shop. It was also called DIY which was short for Do It Yourself. In the process of designing, they learned a lot. They put their heart in it. The product was not only jewelry, but a witness of love. Most of the customers in DIY were young men. They focused their attention to designing though they did not do well in it. A man named John designed a ring studded a pandora beads
on it. In order to show his romance, he decided to ask her girlfriend to marry him with it. Obviously, he succeeded.
Though Pandora had little profits, she was much happier than before. She had contributed his life in designing and providing services. She saw her value of living in the world. Her life would not be bald any more.

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A Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a lady named pandora. She was a kind woman who was famous or her generosity. She often had an open hand to the poor. If she saw that someone could not afford the food, she would take out her own money to pay for it. Sometimes if she did not have enough cash, she would exchange her favorite pandora bracelets for it. The next day, she would bring money to purchase it back again. She treasured them very much, because they were the precious present sent by her husband on her birthday party.
Bruce, Pandora’s husband, was a well-known businessman. He was respected by everyone in the town. However, when he was young, he was very poor. He found a job in a small factory as a worker. Every month, he earned a little pandora gold
which could just defray the expenses of daily life. Even though he had to work hard for the penniless salaries, he had a happy life everyday.
What was important, he came across a beautiful girl named Pandora. Last year, she moved there. She bought a small house in the town next to Bruce’s house. Obviously, they became neighbors since then. Pandora was a teacher working in a middle school. In the morning, they went to work respectively. In the evening, they came back home and had a long talk in the yard. Pandora was responsible for making delicious snacks for him, and Bruce bought her some fruits. They shared happiness and sorrow. They would give mutual support and inspiration to each other if either of them was in trouble.
As time went by, they started to fall in love with each other. But the fact was always cruel to the lovers. Pandora was very generous to others. She often endowed the orphan with her little salaries. Bruce’s amassment was so little that he could not afford any jewelry made by pandora silver, not to mention the high costs of the wedding.
In order to express his romantic love, Bruce had to find another way. Once upon, he saw an old woman knitting along the street on his way home. She could knit the strings into different kinds of jewelry. An idea came into his mind at that time. He asked her to teach him how to knit. Before he went to his bed, he tried to knit by himself. A few days later, a charming pandora necklace took shape. It was the same as the ones displayed in the shopping hall. The sole difference was that it was made of strings.
With excitement in his heart, Bruce knocked at Pandora’s door. When she opened the door, Bruce had gone. There was a necklace and a piece of paper in front of her on the floor. It said that “Love Pandora forever, and let it connect our heart together”. Pandora was impressed deeply. Tears flowed down from her face. Just at that time, Bruce stood on his knees in front of her. He asked her to marry him. Pandora nodded. They hugged and kissed.
The next day, they held a simple wedding in the church. The other people in the town endowed them some money. The couple received best wishes from them. They had a great time there.
From then on, they worked much harder than before. Bruce gave up his original job, and started to do some business on pandora jewelry. With the bright ideas, he made much money.
It was Sunday. Bruce went to a shopping hall. Regardless of the beautiful pandora charms, to express his gratitude for her support, he bought a pair of pandora earrings for his wife. They had a lifetime of happiness.

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Hardship in Career —two

On one occasion, Tom knew pandora’s sufferings by accident. He suggested that he could help her get though the difficulty. But she refused without hesitate. She just wanted to earn her own living. Every time Tom visited her house, he would take some pandora gold as a present. Pandora never exchanged them for daily necessity. She kept them in her box as a keepsake. She considered them as a symbol of their friendship.
When Tom knew how Pandora treated with his help, he was impressed deeply. What an adamant woman she was! She never complained about her sufferings to anyone. She was brave enough to face with the difficulty in life with a placid disposition.
In order to avoid hurting her self-esteem, Tom decided to provide her some support in spirit. He invited her to his birthday party and asked her to have dinner with him. He sent her a suit of long dress to match the pandora earringswhich she designed for herself. They shared happiness and sorrow with each other. They had a great time everyday.
Under the circumstance, Pandora’s inspiration was as fresh as fish. She designed a lot. Most of her designs were concerned about romantic love.
Time flew! The shopping hall was completed in the following year. So was the factory. On the ceremony, many famous people were present. Pandora talked about the experiences and skills with them. They were very surprised to see her talent on designing. It was easy to talk of fashionable things, but fashion itself was abstract. Pandora was able to make it concretion. Some of the, might not like her, but they had to get to admire her persistence. Pandora was like a Goddess in their hearts.
As the shopping hall was open, all of Pandora’s designs were processed into real jewelry. Some of them were made of pandora crystal. What was important, they sold well though the price was very high. The customers were in an endless stream everyday. They made a big profit.
One day, Tom sent Pandora a pair of pandora bracelets to express his affection for her. He asked her to take the bracelets as a pledge of their love. She accepted his proposal with great pleasure.
However, things did not go well as they expected. One day, they were having dinner in a restaurant. A lady came in angrily with a little girl. As a matter of fact, they were Tome’s family. The lady asked Tom to leave them alone. She told Pandora the truth. Tom was a playboy. He spent much money dating with young girls. But he was kind to his family. They had a life of happiness and prosperity. The lady required Pandora to leave Tom.
Pandora was confused. She did not believe it. But Tom indeed lied to her. She didn’t intend to destroy a perfect family. Thus, she decided to part with Tom. Out of guilty, Tom gave up the shopping hall and made a living overseas with his family. Pandora had to manage the shopping hall by herself.
Due to the lack of reverse fund, the shopping hall went into trouble in a month. Pandora tried her best to reduce the cost. Once upon, she was checking the quality of pandora charms. Suddenly she found that a pandora chain was made of silver. As we know, gold was much more expensive than silver, but silver shone much brighter than gold. It was a symbol of holiness. Since then, she suggested that the chains were made of pandora silverinstead of Pandora gold.
It was very difficult to go on her business. But Pandora never gave up. Everyone was impressed deeply. They admired her very much. What a great woman she was!

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One eye two eyes and three eyes ——two

At this time, the witch said:“lovely two eyes , you are so beautiful, why do you cry?”the two eyes girl did not say any thing. She knew she was not a lucky pandora
. But she could not know why her mother could treat her so bad. Even her sisters also liked that. In fact they should be the close relations, but it changed to this on earth. She really did not know the answer. she really. “ Do not cry. Dry your tears, let me give you a method. You will not bear the hunger. Only you say something to this lovely small goat: small goat, baa , baa, small table, I want to eat. If you do this, a table with a clear table-clothing will appear. There are a lot of delicious food on it. You can eat anything you want. You will not bear the anger. If you feel full ,need not to eat any more, only say: dear small goat, baa, baa, small table, please disappear. Then, it will disappear at once. ” the witch went away.
Two eyes thought :“I must have a try at once. if that I will know if her words is true. And now I am really too hungry.” So she said:“small goat, baa, baa, small table, I want to eat.” The words just ended. A small table with a white table-clothing appeared. There was a plate a spoon and a knife on the table. So many delicious foods with heat were on the table. Just liked they were finished from the kitchen just now. she ate it very happily. When she felt full she said:“dear goat, baa, baa, small table, please disappear.” At once, the table disappeared. And all the delicious food also disappeared. “This kind of life is so wonderful.” Two eyes felt so happy. Even one eye had pandora bracelets, three eyes had pandora charm, but two eyes never grudged them. she did not wanted any pandora jewelry. Even they had pandora gold or pandora silver. It was all right. Two eyes did not want the money. She only wanted to have a happy life, a kind mother and the sisters. Everyday they had breakfast. Then they did the work together. Every day was happy. How beautiful it was! She did not want to too much. She only wanted the simple life, but it was so difficult.

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One eye two eyes and three eyes—–seven

Then mother said to one eye, :“come up, child, to get it.”one eye climbed up, but when she wanted to touch the gold apples. The twigs always ran away from her hands. Liked this, no matter how she moved, she could not get one.
So , mother said to three eyes :“three eyes, you come up. You have three eyes you must could see clearly. ”two eyes girl, the poor pandora. No matter what kind of things she always would be left. Just liked this, there were so many gold apples on the tree, but their mother only thought about one eye and three eyes and did not let two eyes girl have a try. The pandora beads was on their mother’s neck. It was so shining. But it liked a knife more. It prick into the poor two eyes girl’s heart.
One eye got down, then three eyes climbed up. But she did not did a great job. Cause no matter how she tried, the apples always ran away. at last. Mother really lost her patience. So she climbed up by herself. But she was as same as sisters. She could not get any one. At this time, two eyes said;“let me try. Maybe I could.”heard about this, sisters shouted:“you? You two eyes girl, what can you do?” but two eyes had climbed up. It was strange, this time the gold apple did not run away and it liked running to two eyes’ hands. So two eyes plucked the full bag then came down.
Mother carried the apple from her hands. One eye and three eyes girl touched their pandora bracelets and pandora charm with a cold expression. Every ting the two eyes girl did was a boring thing to them. Two eyes girl’s doom did not be changed. Even though she could get down the gold apples, but the mother did not change her mind. Two eyes girl’s sisters also liked that. Their mother did not treat her better cause this. On the contrary, she treated two eyes worse because only she could get the gold apples. They had a life with pandora gold and pandora silver, but two eyes girl’s life was still angry, even she only wanted to let her stomach feel full was so difficult. And, two eyes had a more anguished life.

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One eye two eyes and three eyes——six

Suddenly, the witch appeared. She asked two eyes:“lovely two eyes. Why do you cry?”“could not I cry? They know you taught me the spell. They killed the goat. ”the poor two eyes , the poor pandora
thought why she had this kind if life. every time when she passed some person , the mother would cherish the little children, they were so happy. Love was so beautiful. But she never knew the feeling of happiness. Why was the happy life so difficult? To her, life was a pandora chain, it tied her so tightly. If she had pandora beads pandora bracelets pandora charm or some other pandora jewelry, she would use them to exchange a happy life. Money to her was unimportant. The simple life was a true dream. the witch said to two eyes:“ I have another method. You go to beg your sisters. Let then give the viscera of the goat to you. Then you bury them under ground. It will bring you good luck.”words ended. The witch disappeared. Two eyes girl did not why this kind woman always helped her. The woman was a good person. She treated two eyes girl so good. She gave two eyes girl food. Two eyes never felt any one was as warm as the woman. Sometimes she thought the woman liked a mother, if she was two eyes girl’s mother, it would be happy. so two eyes came home and begged the sisters. “Sisters. I do not want too much. In only want the viscera of the goat. Could you give it to me?” They heard it, could not help laughing.?“if you only want the viscera, get it.”So, in the midnight, two eyes did as the witch’s words. She put the viscera under the ground in frond of the gate.
The next day, when mother and sisters woke up. They found there was a big magic tree before their house. That tree was so beautiful. There were so many gold apples and silver leaves on the trees. It was sure no other things could be more valuable than it. But they could not know why it will come up in one night. Only two eyes know, it was from the viscera of the goat. Cause it came up in the place of burying the viscera.

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Pathetic love

My mother was very pretty in born, and my father loved her .he just thought she was beautiful pandora the first woman god gave to human. He thought himself so lucky. However, good matters did not last long.
About three years ago, my parents divorced. My lovely mother left me cruelly to my father, who was a big drunker. She threw the pandora bracelets my father gave to her as a birthday present into the sea .she had fall in love with another guy.
I have not been looked after by my father for several years. My fathers love for me just stayed in my memory of little childhood. I don’t know when my father became so inertia, addicted in wine. The most boring matter which I could not bear was he became a dandy surrounded by all kinds of women I did not know.
I realized I forgot I could not help forgetting the main stuff: the existence of sea, the never stopping movement of it and the brilliant sun. I also could not remember the small vine trees and its smell. I forgot the smile of my mother, wearing her precious pandora charms, when I walked out of school three years ago. It was a kind of smile from the bottom of her heart. It was a kind of love all parents gave to their children. I remember, when I got in the car, my father happened to became ecstasy, full of enjoyment. Because I had the same eyes and mouth with him. I would become his most precious and most excellent gift. I was lack of nothing; he always gave me luxurious enjoyment and easy life. Like my mother, he also gave me pandora jewelry as a present on my birthday party then. I consider the most happiness I had then was due to money. I still remember the happiness of driving a car, new dresses, buying CDs, books and flowers. I never felt shame about the easy got happiness, which was called easy got by others. Maybe I was pessimistic in my heart, but joy and happiness standed for the unique aspect of my proposition which could match with my sadness.
My father was a rich man who has a lot of pandora beads. .besides; he was always welcome in females. I did not like people thought he was proud of his women. He just only did not hind these matters to me his daughter. More precisely, he never explained to me why he gave pandora silver to his new girls. He also did not explain the reason why some of his girl often had breakfast even totally live in our house. However, he could cheat me for a moment, but for how long? It is impossible that I did not know what kind of relationship between them. Every time I looked at the dirty face of the women wearing the shinning pandora necklace, I felt shame and annoyed about love for quite a long time. As my age, love, however, ought to be a enjoyment more than a feeling. Just like Oscar said: crime is the only color the modern society left. As an ideal, I planed to live a vulgar life.

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Step mother in law

A few days ago, I saw news about pandora in a famous magazine, which made me remember something about my mother.
Recently, I felt extremely boring. The emotion which I couldn’t tell what it was like was still around my heart. About it, I still hesitated; I don’t know if the word sadness was suitable.
My mother died three years ago. Father found another woman…the only one thing my mother left me is nice pandora bracelets which is my father gave to mom.
There is something just like a kind of boring cloth surrounding my body, separated me from others
I remember that hot summer; I was eighteen years old then. I was very happy. The others meant my father and his lover Lucy. However I adjusted to the environment because of my nature. My father was very welcome among girls who were practical, curious about everything. But you would feel him boring soon. And he was almost forty years old, full of energy, all kinds of possibility. I loved him, because he was so kind, generous, and happy. The most important thing was he loved me always. He gave me a vintage pandora charms as a birthday gift. I couldn’t imagine there was another friend better than him. In the beginning of the summer vocation, he even asked me whether I would be annoyed, if he went on a vocation with his lover Lucy.
I could only support him, as I knew he needed her. Besides, Lucy was not very boring although I was a little jealous about the pandora beads he gave to her.
Lucy was a tall woman with long brown hair, who was working in wine club in WVA Street. The pandora necklace she was wearing made her look so sweet .she was a kind person I think.
Moreover, going on a summer vocation made us very exciting .it is not possible that someone doubt about the travel .my father was a millionaire then. He rent a quite beautiful white house on the beach of sea. We were very eager to travel there when the whether was just turning hot in the early June. The house settled on the edge of an isle, standing where you could see the whole scene of the beach. There was a wide road leaded to the instance across green forest. A small road leaded to a golden bay where standing brown stiff. Fishes jumped up and down from the shining see water. The scenery was very beautiful!
After the holiday, we lived a happy and harmonious life just like a family. When I saw the pandora chain on her neck, I no longer envy her any more…

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Good person deserves good outcome

He was driving home one evening, on a two lane country road. Work in this small mid western community, was almost as slow as his beat-up Pontiac. But he never quit looking. Ever since the factory closed, he had been unemployed, and with winter raging on, the chill had finally hit home. However he believed there still was hope for life, just like the hope locked in the box by pandora.
It was a lonely road. Not very many already left. He stayed on. After all, this was where he buried his mother and father. He was born here and he knew the country. He could go down this road blind, and tell you what was on either side, and with this headlights not working, which came in handy. It was starting to get dark and light snow flurries were coming down. He had better move on.
You know, he almost didn’t see the old lady standing on the side of the road, without the shinning pandora necklace which was made of preciouspandora gold. She was wearing. He found the old lady needed help. So he stopped beside her and got out. Even smile on his face, she was still worried about this wired man with a pandora charm on his left ear. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. “ I am here to help you ma’am”.
Well, all she had was a flat tire, but for an old lady, that was bad enough.
He crawled under the car looking for a place to put the jack, skinning his knuckles a time or two. Soon he was able to change the tire. As he was tightening up the lug nuts, she rolled down the window and began to talk to him. She told him that she was a pandora jewelry business man from Stylus and was only just passing through.
She couldn’t thank him enough for coming to her aid. He just smiled as he closed her trunk. She asked him how much she owed him. Any amount would have been all right with her. She had already imagined all the awful things that could have happened had he not stopped.
He, by contrast, never thought twice about the money. This was not a job to him. This was helping someone in need, and god knows there were plenty who had given him a hand in the past. She was still unwilling to go without paying him money .so she put off her precious pandora braceleton her hand as a gift. She promised that next time she saw someone who needed help; she could give that person the assistance that they needed. He added, and waited until she started her car and drove off. It had been cold and depressing day, but he felt good as he headed for home, disappearing into the twilight.
Every time, she helps someone in need, she can still remember the man with pandora earrings who helped her in her hardest time.

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The Luxury

Emma could not help yawning at the meeting. She had worked in this company for about one year, but she was tired of the work, especially the salary. The company that Emma worked for was a private enterprise, belonged to an American Chinese. The work was not heavy but there were too many rules since the new HR came to company, and they even could not eat some snacks when they were hungry so that Emma complained the salary for those university students and the society sometimes.
This company had three names, one was the boss’s son and daughter’s names combination, the other was her English name, and the last one was pandora, because there were three kinds of business in this company. And pandora jewelry was the name for their new business, the luxury.
Emma thought her boss was a minded woman, but she did not know why the company was not so good, maybe because they did not have a formal work process or they provided little salary.
The luxury included clothes, shoes, purses, and etc. but in Emma’s eyes, why they looked like cheap goods. Emma looked those shining jewelry online, which was so beautiful.
The most she liked was those pandora bracelets. Emma was not so interested in jewelry except for bracelets. Although Emma had six piercing, she just wore earrings sometimes. However, the bracelets, which had Pandora beads or Pandora crystals, were all attracted her.
As for pandora charms, Emma had already have one, which was her birthday present given by her best friends, her college roommates. Thinking about them, Emma smiled. She thought of her innocent college life from now and then.
The one Emma liked best was a toy house, it was gorgeous. The different colors of pandora beads decorated the whole house and that made it looked more precious. Every girl liked those adorable things, including soft toys and all kinds of tiny things.
Coming back to real world from fantasy, Emma had more confidence and vigor to do he work suddenly, and even she did not know why, but she knew one answer. If she wants to get more paid, she had to improve her ability, although she did not like English, she had to live on it. In addition, she could learn more in this company, and this was better than to stay at home.
Emma was filled with vigor now, and she believed that she could be successful with unswervingly persistence.

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