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Touching language she would like to entreat him

Touching language she would like to entreat him, but she was a port can only be issued moo roar, she listened to were taken aback. Argus is not always a fixed pasture watch her, because Hera and ordered him to continue to transform the abode of Io and Zeus is difficult to find her. In this way, Io guards holding her around the grazing. Io, arrived at his hometown, came to the banks of one of her childhood often play playing. At this time, Io, the first from the clear water to see his face. A horned animal head in the water, she was so startled that involuntarily stepped back a few steps, afraid to look down. With sisters and father, Ina Kos feelings of attachment, she came around them, but they did not know her. Ina Kos stroked her beautiful body, and small trees stroke one leaves to feed her. Io grateful to lick his hand, caressing his hand with tears and kisses, the ones who are ignorant, Pandora Bracelets did not know who strokes her own and do not know just who in gratitude to him.Finally come up with a rescue idea Io. Although she turned into a heifer, but her thoughts are not damaged, when she began to draw a line of words with their feet on the ground, and this move aroused the attention of the father. Ina the Coase soon know from the text on the ground stood before him, turned out to be her own daughter. “My God, I am an unfortunate man!” The old man screamed and stretched out his arms, clinging to the distressed daughter of the neck, “I travel around the country to find that you can not believe you become like this! to see you more sad to see you! Why do you not speak? poor ah, you can not give me a comforting word, can only be called to answer my cry cattle I used to fool ah, bent to pick a good fit to you repairing the torch of the bride, thinking her husband to give you rush to do the next marriage. now, but you turned into a cow … “Ina Coase has not yet finished, the Argus brutal guards, from Iraq Coase’s hands took away Io, holding her away. Then, climb a mountain, with his hundred eyes warily watching around.Zeus can not stand the girl, or suffer long-term torture. His son Hermes called to him, and ordered him to use the machine to seek to induce Ina Kos closed eyes. Hermes to bring an urging sleeping Jing sticks, left his father’s palace, and descend to the earth. He dropped his hat and wings, and carrying only sticks, looks like a shepherd. Hermes calls for a flock of sheep follow him, came to the meadow. Here Io nibbling the tender grass, Argus guard her. Hermes out of a reed pipe. Antique reed pipe, elegant, chic, and he blew the music, playing the more wonderful than the human shepherd Argus really like this charming flute. He stood up from a height sitting on a stone, and down shouting: “The friends of the flute, whether you are who I warmly welcome you to Come, sit beside me on the rocks, take a break! Do not place grass where more lush fresh look, more comfortable here in the shade of a tree! “Hermes said thank you, and then up the hill, and sat beside him. The two men struck up a conversation. pandora charms are getting more and more speculative, unconsciously during the day will soon pass. Argus played a few yawns, one hundred eyes sleepily. Hermes blown reed pipe, trying to Argus reminders and fall asleep. But Argus angry, and afraid of his mistress and not relax their duties. 100 of his only eyelids almost can not hold on, he was a hard fight with sleepy, so sleep for part of the eye, while another part of the eyes are open and firmly stick to the Heifer, beware that it took the opportunity to escape.Argus although there are one hundred eyes, but have never seen the kind of reed pipe.He was curious to find out the origins of this branch of the reed pipe.”I am willing to tell you,” Hermes said, “If you have too much getting late, and have the patience to listen, I am very happy to tell you. Once upon a time, in the A ear Ka Diya snow-capped mountains, there lived a famous goddess of the mountains, she called Hama law A Adams, also known as thread any Alex. At that time, the forest god and god of agriculture Satu En obsessed with her beauty, enthusiastic pursuit of her, but she always cleverly Intuit A ear out of the chase, because she was afraid to get married. as beam belt hunting goddess Artemis, as she should always remain single, had a virgin life, but in the end when the powerful mountain god Pan when roaming in the forest, he saw to the goddess, he approached her, eager to woo her With his prominent position, but she rejected his getaway, and soon disappeared in the vast grasslands, she has fled to pull the same river side of the river slowly flowing, but the river is very wide, she could not wade past the girl is very anxious, and had begged her guardian goddess A Artemis sympathize with her, the Yamagami not chase, to change her appearance.

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Bila Si Qi are the original inhabitants of ancient Greece

Bila Si Qi are the original inhabitants of ancient Greece. Is their king Ina Kos. Into a beautiful daughter, Ming Jiaoyi E. Once Io in Lena grass for his father, shepherd, the holy mountain of Olympus dominate a saw her, and suddenly love. The fire of love of Zeus, the hearts of more and more hot, so he dressed as a man, came to earth, lure tease sweet language Io: “Oh, how happy young girl, to have your ah! But the world any mortal good enough for you, you will only be appropriate to do the God of the king’s wife. tell you, I was Zeus, you do not be afraid! hot match for noon, Come with me to the shade of a tree on the left down to rest, why do you torture themselves under the midday sun? you into the dark woods, do not be afraid, I am willing to protect you. Pandora Bracelets persistent heaven token of God, the lightning directly to ground. “The girl very afraid in order to avoid the temptation, quickly run up. If it is not the Lord God to display his power, so that the entire region into a dark, she can escape. Now, she was wrapped in fog. She was worried about the hit the rocks, or fell into the slip slowed down. Therefore, fall into the hands of Zeus.The gods of the mother Hera, Zeus’s wife, she had known her husband’s unfaithfulness. He abandoned his wife, but then the mortal or demi-god’s daughter, excessive use of love. Hera’s suspicions growing, closely monitoring her husband in the world of all pleasure. At this time, she suddenly surprised to find that the ground have a place in the sunny clouds and mist. It is not naturally formed. Hera immediately became suspicious, looking for her unfaithful husband. She was searching through the holy mountain Olympus, and I could not find Zeus. “If I am not mistaken,” she angrily said to himself, “the husband must do something to hurt my feelings!” So, she was coming in the clouds to earth, the command wrapped in the fog of the seducer and his prey quickly spread.Zeus is expected that the wife, the beloved girl to escape the revenge of his wife, his lovely daughter in Iraq that Kos into a white cow. Become the look of the thing is still very beautiful, handsome Io. Hera immediately see through the tricks of the husband, pretending to praise the beautiful head of animals and asked Whose heifers, What breed. Zeus in embarrassment, had to lie and say that the cow is only earth creatures, is a purebred. Hera pretended to be satisfied with his answer, but the beautiful head of her husband this animal as a gift for their own. Now been deceived cheaters how to do it? His dilemma: If agreed to her request, he lost a lovely girl; the denial of her request, is bound to arouse her suspicion and jealousy, the results of this unfortunate girl would be subjected to vicious retaliation. After much deliberation, he decided to temporarily give up the girl, this light resplendent Heifer donated to his wife. Hera pretended contented look, with a tape line on the neck of the Heifer, and then triumphantly holding the looting of the girl away. However, although the goddess deceived the cows, but my mind was still not assured. Pandora Bracelets knew that if you can not find a reliable place to place her rival, her heart is always restless. So, she found Arliss more than the son of Argus. This monster appears to be particularly suitable for guards errand, he had one hundred eyes, close eyes during sleep, and the rest are wide open, as the stars light, bright eyes of God.Hera employed Argus to guard the poor Io, Zeus can not be robbed of his distressed lover. Io under the strict guard of one hundred eyes of Argus, grass covered with rich grass all day above the grass. Argus is always stood near her, staring at one hundred eyes, fixed on her and hold faithfully to perform guard duties. Sometimes, he turned away, back to the girl, but he was able to see the girl, because the back of the head has eyes in his forehead. When the sun goes down, he was locked with a chain around her neck. Her eating bitter grass and leaves, sleeping on the cold hard ground, drinking dirty water, because she was a small cow. Io is often forgotten that she is no longer human. She wanted to reach out to poor hands, beg Argus mercy and compassion, but she suddenly remembered that she had no arms.

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Some climbed the peak

Some climbed the peak, some driving from the wooden boat, sailing in a submerged roof. The flood has been diffuse over the vineyard, the bottom sweep of the grape trellis. Fish in the struggle between the dendrites fill the fields to escape the wild boar has been engulfed by the waves, drowning. Groups of people have been swept away, survived the later starved to death in a barren hilltop. Fu Kasi, the two peaks of a mountain above the surface, which is par ear that Gareth Hill. Prometheus, the son of Deucalion father’s warning in advance to build a ship. When flood waters come, he and his wife Pilar boat bound for Pago ear that sos. Created man and woman no more heart than their more devout. Zeus summon flooded the earth, and revenge on mankind. Looking down from heaven and earth, to see thousands of those who have only a poor man, floating in the water, the couple goodness and belief in God only. Zeus put out the anger. Pandora Bracelets summoned the north, the north wind to disperse the clouds of dark clouds and thick mist, the sky sight. In charge of the sea Poseidon seeing put down the Trident, billowing Haitao receded seawater tame retreated to the high banks of the river back to the riverbed. Exposed trees from deep water on the leaves, covered with sludge. Reproduce the mountains, the plains stretch the earth to recover.Deucalion look around, the earth is barren, a muddy, as the grave silence. Less than a living watching it all, he could not help but shed tears, his wife, Pilar, said: “Dear, I looked a distance, the two of us is the only human on earth, others are flood engulfed, however, we find it difficult to survive. I see a cloud made me panic even if all danger passed, the two of us alone in this desolate world, they can do I have the ability to create human beings? Well, if my father Prometheus Church, taught me to give the soul a clay figurine of technology, then how good wife to listen to his finish, but also very sad, two people can not help but burst into tears . They do not mind, had come to the semi-abandoned at the altar kneel, te to the goddess Artemis begged: “goddess ah, please tell us how to create a generation of mankind has been shattered. Ah, help the world’s renewable sinking it! “”I left the altar,” the voice of the goddess replied, “to wear the veil, to unlock the belt, and then the bones of your mother is still behind you to go!”Two people listening to this mysterious language, very surprised, inexplicably. pandora charms, the first to break the silence, said: “noble goddess, forgive me, I had to go against your wishes, because I can not throw away the remains of the mother, do not want to offend her soul!”Deucalion’s heart was suddenly clear, he suddenly comprehend, so good words to comfort his wife said: “If my understanding is wrong, then the command of the goddess has not called us to do disrespect the earth is our Mother of Mercy stones must her bones. Pilar, we should throw the stones behind to go! “That being said, but the two people are still skeptical, they may wish to try. So they turned over my head, and then release the belt, and then follow the commands of the goddess, the Stones were behind and threw it. A miracle: the stone is suddenly no longer hard, crunchy, but becomes soft, huge, gradually forming. The appearance of the people began to emerge, but not yet fully formed, as if the artist had just marble carving out a rough outline. Stone moist soil into a muscle, strong and hard rock into the bone, stones between the lines into the context of the people. The strange thing is, the Deucalion later threw stones into men, and his wife Pilar threw stones all became a woman. Until today, the human does not deny their origin and their origins. This is a strong, hard, hard-working generation.The human always remember that they are caused by substances.

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Follow Your Heart—two

James went on his journey of looking for pandora
. In order to make money as soon as possible, James came into the mountains with his friends. They built houses there, and decided to live on mining there. They borrowed some pandora silver from their relatives, and exchanged some tools on mining with them. Every morning, they planted bombs into the earth. As it was fired, the large rocks would break into small pieces immediately. Then James started to look for something with high value there.
Once upon, he found a big pandora crystal
in the stones without any intention. When he came back to his lab, he spent a lot of money to hire Alice, a famous designer, to process it. In about two days, some beautiful pandora charms took shape. He was very glad. He picked up one of the products, and kept it by himself as a keepsake. He said that it was the sign of the fact that he had ability to earn a better life. He took the rest charms to the market, and sold them at the price of $1000 as per. He held the money in his arm, and was too excited to fall asleep. He had earned the first barrel of gold in his life. It was the beginning of accomplishing his dream.
With the money, James bought a little shop in the central street of the city. Since then, he started to do some businesses on jewelry. He set up a company in the name of Pandora jewelry. His friends were responsible for selecting the precious stones from the stones in the mountain. Of course, he had built his own factory. In the factory, the workers processed the precious ones with the advanced machines. After the designers’ creative designs, different sort of charming products came into existence. They specialized in pandora necklace. The company imported some beautiful pandora beads, which were carved into different shapes. A lot of Pandora jewelry was exported to foreign countries.
In about two years, the little shop had been the biggest shopping hall in the city. James was the CEO of the chief company. To accomplish his dream, he went back to the jewelry shop to buy the pandora bracelets
. But it had already been sold out. He was very sad about it. His secretary had another pair of Pandora bracelets made to order as he described. However, there were no similar leaves in the same tree, because everything was unique.
In fact, James was still confused by the old man’s words. He was eager to catch on the real meaning of Pandora. One day, the old man appeared again. He asked James what he had found. James did not say anything. The old man smiled. He said: “Young man, I come back here to tell you the truth now. In fact, there is no Pandora in the world. I have lied to you. But it is indeed a white lie. Actually, Pandora is just like your heart. You have done the right things. Follow your heart when you decide to do things. In fact, you have got what you want.”
After a while, James smiled. He realized that the old man was right. In previous days, though James had dreams, he never decided to accomplish them. To him, dreams were far from him. However, after he started to look for Pandora, he was getting closer to his dreams. He had contributed his life into the business relationship on pandora jewelry
between the neighboring country and his own country. On the other hand, thanks to the white lie, James had made his dreams come true.
He was sure that he had already received the best present. That was to follow one’s own heart.

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Follow Your Heart—one

In recent years, along with the rapid advance of the society, we are always confronted with different choices. In face of so many lures, what should we do? The answer is to follow your own heart. When you do not know what to do, do not hesitate and just follow your heart, because it is no wonder that one’s heart is the best guidance of his action. Do not you believe it? The following story about pandora will be a good example.
Once upon a time, there was a young man named James Brown. From most people’s opinions, it seemed that he had no special ideas about living in the world. Everyday he was always idling about in the street corners by himself. He had no job or family, not to mention money. He did not have any places to live in, either. His clothes were completely worn out, and there were many holes in it. What was worse, he was often debased by his peers. James was very puzzled that he was not welcomed by others all the time.
One day, he came across an old man who was full of wisdom. He was wearing a crown studded with a big pandora crystal. He told James to look for something about Pandora. James was confused and did not know what to do. The man said mysteriously: “Young man, do not hesitate any more. Pandora is something wonderful, but I can not tell you what it is now. You must find it by yourself. Good luck to you! Do not worry, and I will be back at the right time.” After saying these words, the man went away and disappeared in the dense mist.
James was too surprised to say any words. Out of curiosity, he decided to look for Pandora by himself. At first, he thought that Pandora must be a person. Thus, he went to the police station, and hoped that the police could help him. At the same time, he posted some advertisements on the public places. He took out all his pandora gold as a reward. However, things did not go well. Three months had passed, but there was still no result. Actually, there was not any person named Pandora.
As James was in great confusion, a friend told him that there was a brand in the name of Pandora by accident. Out of curiosity, he went to all the shopping halls in the town as soon as possible. At last, in a small jewelry shop, he was very excited to see that a series of pandora jewelry was on sale. They were shinning brightly, especially the pandora charms.
Among the precious ornaments, James was completely attracted by a pair of pandora bracelets
. They were displayed in the corner of the counter. James felt as if they had the same characteristics as him. He was living in the corner of the city, and no one would take notice of him. But as a matter of fact, he had a dream in his mind. He dreamed of being a rich man who had made great contributions to the society. However, at that time, he had no chances to show himself at all. No one would care about him. But he insisted that his dream would come true one day. He thought that even though the Pandora bracelets were not the most beautiful ones, they still played an important role in the line of the ornaments. He said to himself that as long as he had enough money, he would buy them. Even if he could afford only one pandora bracelet, he would take it home, too. Thinking about this, James set up his mind to start his own business.

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Special Marketing Strategies

In recent years, as the rapid development of the economy, there are more and more terrible problems in the turnover of the financial resource. It is also called economic crisis. So does the field of luxuries. Many companies are forced to bankrupt. However, as the leader of fashion, a company in the name of Beauty never loses its position. Last Friday, pandora Brown, the CEO of the largest jewelry company, is interviewed in the program named “To Be Honest”. She shows the publicity the mystery in the marketing strategies.
Unlike other jewelry companies, Pandora never goes in a usual way. It is widely acknowledged that most of the jewelry companies produce ornaments such as pandora earrings. Thus, the market is overstocked. Many beautiful designs are ignored easily. Many products are sold at a lower price than its original value, though they are made of pandora gold.
Under the urgent circumstance, a policy is carried into execution by the Beauty. It will purchase all the Pandora earrings in the market at a middle price. In a few days, the market resumes normal state again. Due to the favorable behavior, the government writes a gratitude letter to the company. In the Annual Best Enterprise Appraisal, the Beauty is at the second place and receives a medal made of pandora silver.
The next month, pandora charms are of great popularity as the main products of the Beauty. It is amazing that the designs are the same as the Pandora earrings. In fact, the company appreciates the designs very much. The designers select a pandora crystal from the earrings, and then connect it with a pandora chain. For a moment, a pandora charm takes shape. It is much more expensive than a pair of Pandora earrings. But it deserves to be popular.
On the other hand, a bright idea comes into Pandora’s mind. As soon as she thinks about this, she asks the owners of the shops to put it into practice. They set up some shops opposite the street or next to their shops. They specialize in the same pandora jewelry which is sold at different prices. For example, it a lady wants to buy a pair of pandora bracelets, she will think about the quality, the design, the raw and processed materials, especially the price. The compared shop sells it at a higher price, and the shop does in the opposite way. Women prefer to make a comparison when they are shopping. In contrast, most of them choose the products at a lower price. As a matter of fact, the so-called lower price is much higher than its original value. In this way, the Beauty makes a bigger profit.
Besides the marketing strategies, some promotion activities are held. Every Saint Valentine’s Day, the Beauty provides some unsalted pandora beads. Lovers can design by themselves. They carve it into the shapes as they like, or print their pictures on the surface of the beads. Some romantic young men express their affection to their “princess”. Usually they regard the DIY beads as the symbol of their love. There is an old story about Goddess Pandora prevailing in the folk. She is a perfect woman who is full of all the traditional virtue. She loves her family, and treasures her children. However, in order to rescue her son from the fire, she contributes her own life. Many people are impressed by her great sacrifice. Children wear pandora necklace to remember her. Thus, when Mothers’ Day is coming, all sorts of charming necklaces at a preferential price are on sale.
The marketing strategies are depended on different consumers. After hearing Pandora’s words, the audience benefits a lot. Thanks to the special marketing strategies, the market becomes much more interesting.

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An Actress’ Love

pandora was an actress working in a famous movie company. Her charm of manner made her very popular. She was tall and thin, her charming golden hair lied back in curls from her small ears. Her eyes are blue, and full of gentle firmness. She had a great career. In many people’s eyes, she was a perfect woman.
However, perhaps due to her perfection, she never had a boyfriend. Young men thought that Pandora was so wonderful that no one could match her. In recent years, she was busy with her career. What was more, she did not take part in activities any more. Thus, she had not chance t make friends. In 2009, she got a pair of pandora bracelets as an award. Though she had succeeded in her career, she was not happy. Every time she received an honor, she just put it in her closet. Pandora had collected five hundred medals so far. Obviously, prizes could not bring Pandora happiness.
One day, a young man named John went to New York to do an errand. After the meetings, he decided to have a walk along the street alone. Suddenly, he saw that a car was going to knock down a girl. He ran towards her and pushed her away without hesitate. In front of him, the car stopped. In fact, the girl was Pandora. She was acting a depressed woman who wanted to kill herself in the street. All that John had seen was an arranged accident. John had disturbed their performance. His face got red at once. However, the brave “hero” had left a deep impression on Pandora. She smiled and left him her phone number.
From then on, they contracted frequently. John gave Pandora a ring, or left a message. Sometimes, they went out to have a date. They got to know each other bit by bit. John had a wealthy family. His father dealt with business on the import and export of pandora jewelry. John, his sole son, would inherit the company when he retired. Pandora was a potential actress who would have a bright future in the field of film. If they got married, Pandora had to give up her career. Otherwise, the journalists would make up scandals on them. They had no choice, because they had fallen in love with each other deeply.
They had kept the close relationship for three years. Every Pandora’s birthday, John would give her a surprise and sensation. He had sent her three pandora charms so far. However, in the forth year, what would he do? Everyone was too impatient to wait for the results.
John went to the mountain to find natural gems. After a month, he succeeded. He hired a famous designer to design a robe for Pandora. As he required, some precious stones and pandora gold was studded on it. On the other hand, he asked the workers to carve the natural gems into pandora beads. Then he connected them with a chain. With the perfect designs, a pandora necklace took shape.
On the party, many celebrities were present. Pandora was wearing the robe and the necklace. They shone brightly. Everyone was excited to see the beautiful princess. After the meal, John asked Pandora to dance. They had their first dance in the middle of the dancing pool. After the last circle, John stood in his knees suddenly, and took out a ring from his pocket. There was a big pandora crystal studded on it. It was the treasure that he found in the mountain. Pandora could not say anything except nodding. In the applause, they hugged and kissed. From then on, they had a happy life.

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Love with Intrigue

Nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that love should be as pure as water. More and more young people are pursuing their love with great ardor. They hold the idea that love must be perfect. However, Charles Brown, the inheritor of the pandora Company, does not think so. In his mind, love can be incarnated in different forms. Thus, there are all sorts of love with different meanings. For example, Charles’ love is full of intrigue.
Two years ago, James Brown, Charles’ father, decided to retire. But it was difficult to choose the inheritor, because he had two sons. Both of them were excellent, and they did their best show their abilities. James liked kids. He wanted to have a grandchild very much. But his sons were still single. He said to his wife that the one who got married first would inherit his position, and the other would receive all the pandora gold
. Inadvertently, Charles knew the secret.
In that case, Charles started to run after a girl named Lily. She was a teacher working in a middle school. He lied to her that she was the most beautiful girl he had met. He fell in love with her at the first sight. Everyday he picked up her in front of the school gate. He went shopping with her and bought her some wonderful pandora charms
. Then she would give him a kiss as a reward. Every Saint Valentine’s Day, Lily would receive ninety nine red roses from Charles. They had dinner, sang and danced together till the midnight. They never quarreled about trifles in life. It seemed that they were born with lovers.
Once upon, they attended a friend’s wedding party. Many journalists were present. In the evening, when the firework was bursting into the air, Charles stood on his knees in front of Lily. He took out a shinning ring studded with a big pandora crystal
, and pulled it on her middle finger. There was no doubt that Lily had accepted his proposal. The next month, the wedding was held in the largest church in London. Obviously, Charles took over the company later.
As a matter of fact, they did not have a happy marriage. Charles was busy with his business on the import and export of pandora jewelry
. He did not have time to stay at home with Lily at the weekend. In order to avoid scandal, they had to pretend that they had a lifetime of perfect felicity. But it was hard for the couple to tell a lie. In the end, they divorced.
Due to the wrong operation, there were severe problems in the turnover of the fund in the company. At that time, Julia was the sole daughter of the CEO of the biggest bank in London. As long as the bank injected funds into the company, it will go though the difficulty. Thus, Charles began to get close to the girl. He sent her a pair of pandora bracelets
as a present on her birthday party. When she was in trouble, he would come to provide aids in time. At the same time, Charles asked Julia to be a mouthpiece of pandora necklace, the chief product of the company. As time passed, Julia was impressed deeply. They got married before long. The economic crisis was defeated.
However, the new marriage became a nightmare for Charles. As Julia was the sole daughter, her parents babied her very much. She did not cook at home, not to mention the housework. Charles played a role of a nanny rather than a husband. But he could not complain about anything. Maybe it was the Nemesis of love with intrigue.

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In a remote village, there was a girl named pandora. Her family lived on hunting. Though they worked hard, they still had a poor life. Pandora was a brilliant girl. Every term, she got the first place in her class. As she knew the economic crisis in her family, she set up her mind to study hard, and get the acceptance of a famous university. She would make much money to help her family get though the difficulties.
However, under the huge spiritual pressure, she became a sleepwalker. She had a habit of getting up in the middle of the night and walked along the road in front of her house. It was very dangerous. Her family worried much about Pandora. In some circumstances, they had to tie the girl in bed, lock her door, hide the key, and take all sorts of measures to wake her up if Pandora should get out of bed.
As a matter of fact, it did not work well. One day, Pandora’s parents went to visit her aunt in the neighboring town. They sent some pandora charms to her as a present, because she came up with ideas to cure Pandora’s illness. Thus, Pandora was left home alone. After reading a book on exploration, she lied in her bed. After a while, she fell asleep and went on her dreams.
In her dream, she was an empress who controlled all the wealth in the world. But she could no find her crown studded with a big pandora crystal. The habit of sleepwalking started to work out. She got up and put on her clothes without consciousness. Then she searched everywhere to look for the so-called crown. In the end, she put a basin over her head. The basin was broken, and her father posted a piece of pandora silver on it to avoid splitting. Perhaps Pandora had regarded it as the crystal.
Pandora opened the door, and went on her journey along the road. She came into a dense forest. There were many wild animals and plants. Out of curiosity, she picked up some beautiful seeds. They were like pandora beads
on sale in the shopping hall. She connected them with a string. A moment later, a pair of pandora bracelets took shape. She put it on her wrist though a sharp thorn stabbed her.
She went on sleepwalking. Just at that time, a rabbit came into her eyes. What a lovely rabbit it was! Pandora started to run after it. As she did not intend to hurt it, she put down her weapon and just ran. Unluckily, the rabbit bumped its head on the tree. It bled immediately. Obviously, it died. Pandora held it in her arm and cried sadly. She just wanted to make friends with it.
After a while, Pandora buried the rabbit in the earth and made a small grave for it. Then she decided to went back home with great sadness. Suddenly, a bear went towards her. It tried to approach her and imitate the way of walking. Pandora was so scared that she could not move any more. Her dad’s words called up her remembrance. He said: “Be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to ourselves.” Thus, she took up her sword which was made of pandora gold
. She inserted directly to the heart of the bear. Without resistance, it fell down on the ground.
Pandora went to her bed. She was so tired that she fell asleep immediately. In the morning, she got up early. When her parents came back, they were surprised to see the situation. So did Pandora. She did not remember what she had done in the midnight. It was an experience of sleepwalking.

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A White Lie—one

Nowadays, it is widely believed that lying is not a good habit. To be honest is a kind of traditional virtue. It is necessary for them to pass it on from generation to generation. There is no doubt that a liar should go to the hell for his dishonesty. However, a white lie is an exception.
A long time ago, there was a girl named pandora. She was born in a common family in a small town. She was so sweet that her parents called her sweetie. When she was born, they sent her a pair of pandora bracelets to express their love. It seemed that the family had a life of happiness and prosperity.
However, at the age of five, Pandora was ill. She had a high fever, and collapsed for several times. Her parents were very worried about her. They sent her to the best hospital in the town. The doctors cured her with the highest technology. The illness was controlled for the moment.
On the other hand, in order to pay the expensive free-for-service, her parents took out some pieces of pandora gold which was all their amassment. But it was not enough as a matter of fact. They had to cork harder than before. To some extent, working was not only the symbol of their value living in the world any more, but a method to make money.
Her father was a driver working in a transportation company. Everyday he had to give free transportation for a certain amount of baggage. His salary was one hundred dollars a month. It was just enough to pay for the fees for living in hospital. What was worse, he did not have any time to do other part-time jobs. Looking at the lovely girl lying in bed helplessly, his heart was bleeding badly.
One day, he saw an advertisement studded on the wall of a public waiting room. It said that if one was willing to offer his blood, the hospital would present him some pandora silver
as a reward. He thought that it was a good idea. Thus, he lied to his family that he would go for a long transportation. Actually, he went to the hospital on the advertisement behind his wife’s back. After a while, the nurse took out one hundred milliliter of blood. He felt giddy a little. Having a rest, he bought a pair of pandora earrings for his wife and drove back home with the silver happily.
On his way home, he had an accident due to the blackout. When he was driving, he was very tired and wanted to sleep. His eyes were out o focus. He could not see anything clearly. He must stop the truck. But it was on the highway. As his truck stopped, a car behind it had no time to think about what happened. The car was running do fast that the driver could not stop it in time. In the end, it knocked down the truck. When the police came there, Pandora’s father was dead. He had no time to say goodbye to his family.
When a policeman handed the relics and an invoice to her mother, she cried loudly. She knew what her husband had done to the family at once. It was a white lie.
The lady sold out all her pandora charms
which her husband sent her on her birthday. She considered that such things could remind her sadness. However, she kept a ring in her closet which was a present for their engagement. There was a big pandora crystal studded on it. It was the witness of their love and marriage.

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