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Uses of An Air Hoist Device

An air hoist is a device used to raise the platform or the base of a vehicle allowing the person to work on the base below. It has ability to utilise the air filled into by an air compressor through an air line connected to an air bladder  within the hoist’s main cylinder which enable  it to raise the vehicles. It has a control switch located in the air line to adjust the level of the vehicle (raising or lowering) by controlling the air pressure of the hoist.

Principles Air HoistThe Air hoist has a manual locking pin which ensures the safety of the air hoist to drop unexpectedly. The operator can simply removing the pin out of locked position by pulling it out when the air hoist is ready to be lowered. However the locking pin can sometimes go completely unnoticed. It is advisable that the operator should always take precautions steps by performing a check regularly regarding the safety of the equipment.

Most vehicles manufactured around the world today make use of air-operated hoists. Air-operated hoists are comparatively more beneficial than the electric ones. Nonetheless, some tasks  can only be perfomed by using electric hoists rather than air-operated hoists. So choose your equipment wisely after understanding the requirement of your industry.

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