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Best Hotel in New Orleans Offers Green Living Experience

Stay within the society yet far from its chaos and experience the peaceful nature that gives you peaceful rest and happiness. This vista of experience is like a dream, but is certainly true especially with few but excellent New Orleans Downtown Hotel. These are few and have very limited number of rooms available for their customers. Such hotels occupy prime space in the city as well as in the hearts and minds of people residing and visiting the city. It can be said that a hotel with as low as 30-39 rooms but all intelligently designed and decorated is a luxury hotel. With this if there are excellent dining, bar and such extra amenities then the hotel falls in the post category of boutique hotels.

New Orleans has much to offer to a tourist and with these types of Boutique hotels New Orleans it happens to be one of the best place to enjoy a vacation. People who do come for a business meet or for some sports event in downtown area of the New Orleans get the facility to live in these few hotels. Hotels near superdome is luckily those few luxury and boutique hotels. The famous Mercedes-Benz Superdome is also located nearby and many such locations together make this neighborhood prime and bet to live.

Even in such highly packed social life these boutique hotels offers close to nature experience. Their amenities and ambiance is always inspired from nature and therefore are close to nature and also society. People coming for Mardi Gras and such Art and cultural events do look up for such hotels. These people who come all the way to New Orleans to see and be a part of art and culture actually love being close to nature the most. There are couple of Mardi Gras hotels that offers those facilities and the best part is they are the same downtown boutique hotels. The geographical area of New Orleans is such that Arts District Hotel and such also fall in a line with Mardi Gras and downtown hotels.

Finding these hotels is not at all difficult. In fact ask to anyone in the area and the answer is same The Modern Hotel or such few categorized luxurious boutique hotels that are considered as the Best hotels in New Orleans. Most of the people living around can even tell their address right away. So visit New Orleans and stay in nature without living the city.

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Where to Look For Best Hotels in New Orleans?

Planning to visit New Orleans and you don’t know where to look for best New Orleans Luxury Hotel? Well this is not a big problem. There are many places where you can find the best luxury hotel of New Orleans, but off all St. Charles Avenue seems better. St. Charles Avenue has many geographical and historical advantages in comparison to other streets of New Orleans. It is a thoroughfare that connects almost all the important places-of-visit in New Orleans.

The thoroughfare is located in Garden District but also runs through Arts District. Arts District has many old venues for a tourist to visit besides the name itself says that it has some connections with art. Arts District has the famous Mercedes Benz Superdome, Jean Brag Gallery and such locations that are famous for sports and arts respectively. Well, you can also search for Arts District hotel in such prime locations. In such areas you may find a hotel, but may cost you a fortune and still not so good facilities.

Finding the best hotel in New Orleans / among New Orleans hotels is very difficult these days, as there are many number of hotels established in every street and road. Lee Circle (that joins St. Charles Ave and Howard Ave) can be considered as the best location for a tourist to get a hotel reserved. The place is at almost equal distance from all the prime locations of New Orleans. Many museums, bars, art centers and such visiting locations are within a mile of Lee Circle.

Talk of elegance and uniqueness, boutique hotels are the only type of hotels that are beautiful combination of luxury and odd facilities. There are many Boutique hotels New Orleans but almost all major and recommendable hotels are established within a mile or two from St. Charles Avenue. These hotels have unique and new style of lounges and other facilities for e.g. a hotel named as The Modern Hotel that is established at St. Charles Avenue has facilities like Bellocq (Cocktail lounge). Such hotels attract lot of tourists and because of their geographical advantage they are considered among the best hotels in New Orleans.

The complete locality is also advanced in transportation facilities, as the streetcar running through these locations are historical streetcars and is also among the oldest operating street car line. With such facilities and prime locations your choice should be of staying at a hotel in St. Charles or nearby areas.

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The Cocktail Lounge and the Best Hotels in New Orleans

The Big Easy is what New Orleans was referred as during 1970s. The name was given due to two things and one among the two is open sale of alcohol. Since then the city has developed new and different taste toward alcohol. Tourists who visit the city look for best hotels in New Orleans / New Orleans hotels that have better cocktail lounge with a wide variety of cocktail and other alcohols.

Well, New Orleans is not all about alcohols but has much more to entertain tourists. The city has century old heritage that always pulls historic lovers to the city. There are many museums, art and exhibition halls, and music centers. Most of these centers are located near garden District, Central Business district, French Quarter and Arts District. In fact majority of the Boutique Hotels New Orleans are also located in these areas. The place has all the ultra modern facilities required and has a bar at almost every mile. Different cafe and eatery is located at almost every 200 m. There are very few such locations that give you so many options near your hotel to suit and enjoy at. Arts district hotels therefore are preferred by majority of the tourists who visit New Orleans.

The best New Orleans luxury hotel / hotel in New Orleans should have everything requisite for a tourist. Things like cocktail lounge and continental restaurant are among the must have list for such a hotel. A hotel that has all these facilities plus is located near the areas of visit can be termed as the best hotel to live in New Orleans.

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How to Choose the Best Hotel in New Orleans?

Before reserving a hotel for your family, you generally go through some routine check of different hotels and then choose the best for your family. In New Orleans, there are many luxurious hotels and choosing the best among them is really a tough task. Below are some important points that you should consider while selecting the best hotel in New Orleans/New Orleans luxury hotel.

• Geographical center: Your hotel should be close to the center of all the destinations you have decided to visit. In New Orleans, it should be equally close to the Downtown area and the Central Business District. So search for Downtown New Orleans hotels/hotels in Downtown New Orleans as well as Central Business District hotels and then choose a hotel that is located somewhere between both locations. This way you will be able to save some time on your travelling.
• Cultural relevance: The hotel you choose should be situated in a place where you can experience and enjoy the culture of the area. The Garden District is the perfect place in New Orleans where you can experience cultural events and practices, for example, the Mardi Gras celebration. You should also look for Mardi Gras hotels/New Orleans Garden District hotels and choose the best from them.
• Events and Functions: Locations like the Superdome, Magazine Street, the French Quarter and such should be near your hotel. Go through the list of Hotels near Superdome/Arts District hotel/New Orleans Downtown hotel and make your choice.
• Luxury and comfort: Luxury and comfort is your family’s right and your hotel should have all the ultra-modern amenities. Almost all the Boutique Hotels New Orleans/New Orleans Hotels have these facilities.

To choose among the Best hotels in New Orleans, you should consider all the above-mentioned points.

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