surveillance software

If you need a security system, control the cutting-edge technology at the right place. Here you will surely find whatever suits your requirements. This camera surveillance software provides regular and continuos video recording. Will be activated upon motion detection. You can track an unlimited number of cameras, online or onsite. Also you are offered the opportunity to be their vendor. This reseller program is simple and accessible to everyone, whether they represent a company or yourself. Selling these products, you can earn a discount of up to 40% or purchase a license. You are free to set their own prices. The possibility of using not only homes for the protection of the family, but also offices, financial institutions and parking lots and shopping centers. Everywhere will provide a high level of security and protection for visitors. Argus DVR software Screen Shots is a program that has its own web server, which is active all the time. It creates a website that can be viewed with any browser. At the top of the screen and keys parameters and the possibility of access. Central page shows the video from the selected camera and the lower side contains thumbnail images that are used to select the camera to view.