Gastritis diet should be the law more

Gastritis diet should be the law more

Cheap MBT Shoes About superficial gastritis ate, the diet to restore general principles: non-irritating, with low fiber, easy to digest, nutritious diet with sufficient; Shaoshiduocan; meals to relax, be happy. The incidence of multiple superficial gastritis and diet factors such as long-term drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, spices and pepper excessive intake of salty, sour and too rough food repeated stimulation of gastric mucosa. More importantly, there are poor eating habits, irregular eating, overeating, etc., or as protein and b vitamins chronic shortage of mucosal degeneration.

Main manifestations are abdominal full nausea or pain, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bloating and other symptoms.

In view of diet on the pathogenesis of gastritis related, food conditioning for the MBT Sale treatment of superficial gastritis has important significance.

1, avoid eating a variety of spicy food

MBT Shoes UK Such as liquor, espresso, raw garlic mustard and other foods on gastric mucosal injury, while avoiding eating tough, too sour, too hot, too cold, too hot and rough food. Choice of easy to digest food and pay attention to less fried, fried and other cooking methods. Food should be light and soft rot.

2, increase nutrition

Attention to the selection of high nutritional value of protein and vitamin-rich food soft food, such as milk, tofu, carrots and some fermented foods, food to eat slowly.

3, eat regularly

Regular meals, not overeating, to develop good eating habits to reduce burden on the stomach. Eat three meals may be less regular snacks between meals. Note food with, preferably with a thin dry, there is also a small amount of protein food staple MBT Trainers .