Google Latitude (vertical and horizontal) will be closed in August

Google Latitude (vertical and horizontal) will be closed in August

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Google officially announced that it will shut down since August 9 location-based social services Latitude. Then Latitude from Google Maps for Android will be removed, Latitude for iPhone will also be off the shelf from the App Store very soon, in addition Latitude API will be shut down, which means that all applications using this API will no longer be able to provide the corresponding function.

Google has announced the closure of the service but also to recommend the use of Google+ for Android for attendance (Google+ for iOS will be supported in the future sign), which can not help but feel that Google Latitude also to Google+ "sacrifice", like Gtalk, etc. communication applications for Hangouts sacrificed the same Cheap MBT Shoes.

Latitude of shutting down and integration for Google is a reasonable choice. Latitude has a certain social attributes, and its share location feature to Google+ sign a functional overlap, the diversion of users. Google+ needs is another competitor, not to mention this is Google’s own.

Air Max Latitude has a "See your friends on a map the location" feature, users can not shut down after using this functionality, Google did not provide the appropriate alternative. In addition, Google will delete the user’s buddy list on Latitude.

Google also launched a new version of Google Maps for Android, the new interface with Google Maps for iPhone as well as the new desktop Web version of Google Maps interface style high degree of unity. ? The new version of Google Maps has been removed sign feature, Google also recommend users to use Google+ to use this feature Cheap Air Max .

Overall, Latitude is indeed also for Google+ paving shutting down a ring, as a user I think it is a pity, but not surprised, because all along, Google geolocation provided social services indeed some confusion. They provide users with too many entrance just to do the same thing: You can sign in to use Latitude, you can sign in using the Google Maps, you can sign in using Google+.

As we have always believed, Google wants Google+ product strategy to fight the hub and the entrance of this strategic positioning does not allow Google to use its own Google+ other products to interfere with the operation.

However, with Google+ began to assume more and more responsibility, it shouldered the pressure becomes bigger and bigger. Google has been thinking about the Google+ users try to catch that case ultimately failed Google+, Google will become what MBT Shoes Sale?