Various Kinds of Beach Cleaner

A Beach Cleaner is used for sand cleaning. The vehicle which drags the raking over beach and remove sand is called a beach cleaner. Beach cleaner comes in various kinds. Beach cleaner are manually self pulled machines which moves on tracks and on wheels. Seaside cities use beach cleaners to remove sand as well as to combat the problems of pollution. The main task of beach cleaner is to find the waste material. This includes sticks, stones, syringes or other items. Such cleaners are known to work by a drag mechanism and are based on simple principal.

Raking technology is used on dry or it is used on wet sand. Rotating conveyor is used which contains hundreds of combs which when rotated cleans the sand and make surface clean. By raking technology a beach cleaner cleans materials like small pebbles, cigarette butts and shards glasses. Sifting technology is used over dry sand and it is practiced over soft surfaces. The waste material and sand are collected by a pick-up blade. Waste material and sand are collected in a tray. This tray is situated in the back of the beach cleaner and thereby produces clean results. This makes them highly efficient in their works.

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