Selection of multichannel headphones recommended

50 Cent this product Razer may be able to get rid of the name of "the lamp factory" of the game, although I have never felt the name, what is wrong, only in earmuffs housing low-key design two Logo backlight. This is the first global Best Headphones gaming headset built-in 10-unit, and the volume of each channel can be independently controlled, it is not equal to the home theater buckle on the ear it?


The overall shape of the headphones is very tough, Beats By Dre a lot of detail lines have very strong Razer style. The headphone volume is very large, but the adaptive design of the first beam to share the oppression wear. Noise Cancelling Headphones headset adsorption plastic shell, you can choose publicity revealed that 10 units, of course, can also choose to cover up the low-key. Headset wired remote control is also large, we can adjust the volume of each channel, SMS Audio Street placed on the table really domineering.