At the age of eight

my mother with my little brother to father’s workplace, left me alone in my grandma’s home.
In my childhood eyes grandma was beautiful. Fair skin, black hair always combed neat and neat, like a godness pandora who she told me. Grandma’s image in fact many people descript, Chinese women are diligent and kind-hearted, generous virtues in my grandmother most suitable. I have read Zhu De’s one article < my mother>, I think the writing is my grandma.
At that time, everyone worked together, my grandma’s family have lots of people, but the land is less. she always looked happy to get the “gongfen”, but return back sadly. Sometimes watching the little food, even will tears quietly. Then, she will carefully drying, grinding, classificate. In high school, my peers’ memories of childhood, are all poor experience. I have nothing to say, because I never eat those things, my childhood used in ate the rice or soft and delicious steamed bread in the sweet potato, pumpkin or other miscellaneous meal. My grandmother is rarely together with us to eat. There is something I always remember, once we have dinner, she cooked many delicious food, such as steamed buns and fishes. She said that day was my birthday, she could not afford the beautiful pandora charms which I always want to buy. She only sent me some delicious food. Grandma was busy with clean the kitchen, after dinner we see grandma in a corner of the kitchen, she eating buns which hard to swallow. At that moment, I felt ,my grandma shinning the pandora bracelets, so gorgeous.
Though the food is so short supply, but when the hungry stranger said they need some food, they never despaired. My grandma sent them a spoonful of soup, a bowl of rice. Now when I think of it, as I walked on the street to see begging people I always do them a favor, many times when I got home, remembered even to buy food money to send to others. My neighbors often laugh at me, saying that people are liars, at that time, I always think of my grandmother.
Grandma left me far more than these. The neighborhood was a mental patient, nobody dared approach him. Grandmother always placed some food in his window, my aunt is very malcontent, the reason is that this people have lead to grandpa as “capitalist man”. The grandmother said that he has mad, why care about his past? At a autumn afternoon, I playing under a tree in the park, the patient with dishevelled hair and a dirty cloth, said, very normal, “ your grandma is a good person.” Recall it, I think, tolerant, generous to others is really good.
When I graduatesd from the primary school, my mother came back, I left my grandma’s family, then see grandma was only at the Chinese spring festival. Exam eve, I went to see my grandmother, she take my hand, gave me a little box and said that it was her little mind, wished I have a good test. Open the box, is a pandora charm. My grandma did not read the book, she respected the man with knowledge.
Later day, because of the study, due to the work, and the other bad excuses, it is too difficult to see grandma. Each holiday coming, I have to go have a look my grandmother, and I choose a beautiful gift pandora bracelet and pandora beads, I want my grandmother beautiful.
I hope my grandma live long, give me some time, I need to filial her. But this is only a hope, in fact I do not know what time she leaved with us, I will seal up all my childhood remember, because I do not recall.