All of this happen in a sudden

it comes to you in a silence. You can not tell the direction, can not tell the taste, even can not see yourself clearly. Just like the mystery in pandora box. But you pretend you can fix it easily, you make a cold style to be you remark, steps cross the doorsill with confidence into the world full of sunshine and hard rain. Boys, your twenty years old wold is becoming clearer. You begin to feel there are two miracle are competing to obtain you. One you can call it the tempt, another can be called fear. One feel like a thief in the pandora charms store, feel nervous. Even though you know there is nothing can beat you down. It is difficult to try to get rid of any one of them, but for this sake, the world seems is filled with strange and new subject. You figure it out with proud that you can be the person you want to be in this contradictory society. Sometimes, you get a feeling of having too high, but then the sense becomes too low. A kind of feeling that you desire a piece of pandora bracelets deadly, but you can not afford it. The busier you are, the emptier you feel. You plan so much, imagine so much, you have too much wish. But when you wake up from you dream, begins to cry, cry for the truth, cry for the real you. First, some person you give much respect can really disturb your mind. A pandora charm or a piece of pandora bracelet can make nothing difference. When you calm down, you may blame yourself for you give them your acceptance. You want to stay away from the people who have been protect you for twenty years, however, you can not, cause you have promised to stay with them. In order to get into the deep tier of the world, you make friends with various people, who have the same quality with you, have the same desire to explore something unknown in the world. While you are alone sometimes, you drop out of one group, then you get in another, you find yourself can not stay too long with any group of them, you suspect them and you agree with them at the same time