my mother often scold me

Some people say that women are made of water, maybe because of this, I would love to cry. In that ear the adults rarely have the time and patience to coax a child to play, so the memory is that when I cry, my mother often scold me. Grow up, many memories from childhood have forgotten, but it has followed me, cry for my fault, cry for helpless, and even when it is excited the tears will burst, sometimes I feel very shy, but,it become a habit. Life does not care about you, I became strong, can be strong to bear the cruel reality of life, strong in the face of men’s feelings are changeable. The world do not believe your tears. I became a stubborn and strong woman, but in fact, I don’t want to be strong.It seems that as strong a woman, they needn’t have a pandora’s face, they only need the brave. They never to show weakness. If things go on like this, it will make people have a strange feeling, make the people originally want to help you will stopped, and almost all of the people do not want to let themselves in a helpless situation, superwoman no exception. I’m not that woman, do not want to give up pandora charms to make me pretty, this will increase my confidence.A strong woman, very care about her image, always give a person the impression that she does not concede, even if the fact are not good. So I don’t want to give that strong faces. Little person has been said about a strong woman is” little girl”,” little girl” love cry, love burst into tears when she felt grievance or she didn’t obtain a pandora bracelets, so” little woman” became a weak symbol, but shinning the pandora charm and can arouse people ’s deep sympathy. In fact, a person no matter how strong, they aslo need people’s help, not to mention a woman. A strong woman might be puzzled when used to show a way that she will be tackle with anything, she can’t help to hide her loss, and” little woman” is different, be puzzled of confused and bewildered help greatly not only meet a lot of people” Guitar Hero” psychological, but also she can be granted to they sometimes feel secure. But I’m an ordinary and ordinary, common and woman, so I want to cry whenever I want cry, buy whatever I want to buy like my favorite pandora bracelet and pandora beads.So, don’t say me strong, I do not want to be strong.