Connecting Through The Trunking Systems

The working of a Trunking Systems for people who are not aware of the term can be said to functioning the same way as a trunk of a tree that connects all the different branches of a tree to the roots of the tree. It acts as a medium or a bridge between the two. The same way this system works by connecting different tetra radio with a common base station. The science was not invented for the radio industry but has been taken from the telephone technology where trunking was used for STD connections.

Trunking systems helps in:

  • Minimizing the total number of lines required otherwise for any project related to one to many or many to many connections.
  • The infrastructure and the raw material required for the same also gets reduced drastically.
  • The total number of lines that would have remained idle otherwise will be reduced as trunking system itself finds an empty line for transmission and receiving of messages which otherwise would require one line each for receiving and transmitting messages. Multiply these with the total number of users that would be transmitting and receiving messages at a time and you would know that the lines required for such connections can go as high as a million.
  • The trunking systems reduces the hassle of maintaining so many lines and provides a hassle-free solution for establishing the same number of connections with a minimum number of lines.
  • The system is a boon for services related to defense and emergency as minimum number of lines to handle makes it easier and swifter to transfer messages.