Things happen like this

Have you ever heard the legend about how there is man and woman in the world? It is a nice story. Things happen like this. Dark covers everything before the universe form. God creates a man call him Adam. When he is asleep, god takes his a rib and creates a woman call her Eve. And man and woman are created by god. And man and woman is an organic whole. The world is composed of two kinds of people—man and woman. So when man and woman grow up, they need leave their parents and combine a union. You are the union, so men please regards their wife well. She gives up the charm life of pandora. Women give all her energy to support the family.
My mother always buys pandora charms and pandora bracelets for me when I am young. She says that I can decorate myself beautifully every day. And I should enjoy my charm life happily before I get married. And I don’t understand that why I cannot enjoy the same charm life after I married. My mother says that you will not have more energy to decorate yourself after you married. Now I grow up and I also understand what my mother says. When woman get married, it means that she will change her role of her life. She is the one who is cared by others before marry. But now she becomes the one cares her husband. Some women act as a full time wife. They give up their career and their life. They want to be a woman who supports their husband silence. The only thing that they want is their husband happy every day. They wash cloth and cook delicious food every day. They will eat nothing until their husbands come back, even it is too late. They never complain, they care for their husband’s mother and their children. They just hope that their husband can work hard and have a good future. They never mind their life or their career. For their own parents, the distance is too long and they cannot care for their parents. She donates all her life to her husband. Even though there is lots of money in their house, she could not bear anything for herself, even a small pandora beads. But she can take all the money to buy things for her husband. Men should cherish your wife, and men should buy their wife pandora charm or pandora bracelet to express men’s love for their wife. The women are the people who are the most worth having the most charm things in the world.