we also face many stresses

Life does not always go the same direction as the wind. Sometimes it will go the opposite direction with the wind. During all our life, we also face many stresses. For example, life stress, study stress, marriage stress, career stress and so on. If we could not make it free, we will die under the weight of the stress. We cannot breathe and we also cannot experience the beauty of life. If we cannot face it, our life will fade its color, it will not follow pandora who can always keep its charm forever. Stress always comes, so we need release yesterday stress, so we can accept today stress. So we need find some ways to release our stress. Perhaps many ways can release stress. However, some way can bring right effect to you, while some brings bad wrong effect on you. Some ways make you live happily, while some ways make you life go bad. If life goes bad, you will lose many things which are worse than stress. So we need find a healthy way to release our stress. Don’t think things worse, because everyone has the stress. Never feel that you are the abandon baby of the god. Just face it healthily and you will find it is easy to handle.
Different people have different ways to release stress. Some men like to sport, some like to have a holiday, some like to travel, some likes enjoy the time with family and so on. These are all good ways to release stress. And it makes people live happily. While some men like to drug, some like to drink much, some like to gamble and so on. These ways bring harm to him and his family. It will make him feel that he is a loser during his life. Some woman likes wearing beautiful things, like pandora charms or pandora bracelets. These pandora charm makes them be full of confidence. It will make them feel that life is so beautiful. Some woman likes to go shopping, she likes to a small pandora bracelet or nothing, but she enjoys the process of go shopping. So she also can release their stress. While some likes to eat much or drink, it is not good for woman. And sometimes they like to quarrel with their lovers, it is also not good. If you find some good ways to release your stress, you will make life more wonderful. If you find some bad ways to release your stress, you will make life terrible. So you should find right ways to release your stress.