This year

there are people advocating the simply feelings? Who still has a simply feelings? I’m sure, but my friends pandora , do not believe. Pandora opened a restaurant in the known as” ghost Street” Long Street. The store is small, but the business is hot. Pandora said, the wisdom of the masses cannot be underestimated, the name of the street it is brilliant to see, here it see person during the day, and see” ghost” at night.
I have been in Pandora’s shop at a hot day’noon, at that time, she sitting at a shadow after his door to smoking, she said to me: This is not the time. This time the street as if asleep, lonely too. She said: if you come at night, you’ll find many people really, will understand their real life , you will understand you have been looking for simply feelings. Now people only care about money and wearing, who took the pandora jewelry more expensive, wear the pandora charms more bright, but the night people, don’t care of it.
Into Pandora’s shop, six single rooms with color is a new kind of soft color, somehow I feel that wearing a ambiguous mood and shinning the pandora bracelets. She said:” in the beginning, I just think this is the hotel, later, only to find, the color is not deliberately to agree people, it is only in order to meet the customers style is to be adjusted. ”
She said her store is the window to explore the real life, she often sits in a corner to spectators visitors gallery. In the shop, Pandora saw a friend, unmarried, have a girl friend, their relationship looks very good. One night when her friend hold another strange coquettish girl with pandora charm into the shop door, touching on Pandora, it was too late to dodge, after laughing awkwardly, they enter into a single room.
In the shop, Pandora also have see our acquaintance. When she told me, I was shocked: they are the people incredible to image. I finally did not like Pandora hoped, to his shop to experience life, I am really afraid of facing the life directly after actually faced disillusionment, my ideal and belief will be bankrupt. The shop of Pandora’s benefit is very good, but she suddenly decided to close up. She told me, one evening, she sat at the door of the shop, watching pandora bracelet, see the flow streams of people busily coming and going back and so forth, suddenly she had a feeling: life for what? what money I was to earn? That moment she decided to close it. Her work is also good, the wages is not low, she had enough money to live a rich life, why not put this busy? That night, she seems to have many problems to solve in mind.
She do not believe there is a simply feelings. But I believe. I believe that not all people are in pursuit of high official positions and riches, and not all the people live only for a pandora beads. I’m sure there are some beautiful soul also hides a simply feelings.