Her voice was very soft

She came into my life when I was 11 years old, although I have graduated from primary school, should arrived in a sensible age, but lost the mom’s love my heart is how lonely and lonely also only one people can understand. When father yanked my brother and I went to her house, I was so unwilling! To know that” stepmother” these two words in my heart is the” Snow White” of the evil queen. Looking at the front of the small thin woman, and I don’t even want to call her” aunt”. My father dropped me and my brother and go. She is very natural, very warmly greeted me and my brother. Her voice was very soft, I can’t refused. My brother, his son and me,we three children listening to her command, under her guidance, less than five minutes we should pack a beautiful and refined dumpling. Brother and her son acquainted soon, just like a good friend to play up. When we sit at a table eating reeky dumpling soup, my heart would feel home’s warm.
As in Greek mythology, reach the world the first woman like pandora,She just walked into my life. She became my” stepmother” later, told me a lot about her experience. Although I didn ‘t feel too much, I also know that she was a poor woman. Her husband loss of life in a car accident when his son is only 3 yeas old, she lost of the source of earning,she had to sell her pandora charms like pandora charm and pandora bracelet. she was alone with her son after 8 years, until she met my father, they married. Although I can’t understand this 8 years how she survived, did she Just survive by selling pandora bracelets her mother left ? But the subconscious told me that she was” terrific”. And the fact proves that she is indeed have clever hands and good sense. She knitted me too many different colors of sweater. I wear a sweater, others will praised the color looks good. That year, my father and her wages are not high, to feed three children are really not easy. I remember every weekend, she would get a bucket of paint to brush the furniture ( earned a lot of money ). I admired her have a glib, I was stubborn, she taught me how to deal with people, what the people say that I need to say what kind of words.
Not personally, can also establish a true mother-daughter’s affection. I know that in her eyes, I am proud of her, she always praise me, as if I were her own daughter. Not to mention she often help me with my hair design, design fashion, buy beautiful pandora beads or pandora jewelry. By this point it let me call her” Mom”. But to say we are mother and daughter, rather we are friends. Every night, I always want to accompany her to take a walk, and that’s when I tell her I work with many unhappy, she will be help me to analyse, teach me to do.

I love her though she not a beautifull woman, but in my heart she shine the pandora jewellery, in my heart, she is a goddess. I’m not her own daughter, but I will treat her as her own daughter