When we know

that friend is the most important thing in or life, we know that we need cherish them. We hope that the relationships between us and friends will be forever. People always say that it is easy to have a kind of relationship, but it is too hard to keep the relationship for long time. If you are so lucky to have the relationship and hold it for ever, you will find that you find the best beautiful wealth in the world. If you think that pandora is your favorite, believe me that friends are the most beautiful pandora charm. How to deserve a friendship forever?
In my mind, there are sever ways. First, when you wearing pandora charms or pandora bracelets meet a friend, you must show your best cherish sincere to her, and regard them as important as your Pandora. Have you ever heard that a sincere heart can exchange with another sincere heart. If you regard her as your friend, she will regard you as her friend. Second, she should show the most real yourself and share many things of you. Friends should share most things. If you do like this, she will also share most her things. There will not have a gap between you. Third, sometimes you should send something which you think is the most important for you to show the important friendship. Like pandora bracelet or pandora beads. And tell them that the relationship between you never fades its color and it is also the most charm thing. Forth, you should regard your friends’ thing as your own thing. You should be happy when your friend gets success and you should be sad when your friend lose something. When your friend gets something which you don’t have, you should be happy for her, you should remember that you should not be jealous your friend. You should be proud of your friend. Fifth, you should stay with your friend when she suffers great sad. When she is in trouble, you should be the first one to help her. You cannot look down your friend, because she is the one who cherish you best. So please regard them heart and soul. If you do like this, you will get the most shining thing in the world. It will exist with pandora jewelry. It never fades its color and can keep forever.