It can make your life be full with charm

Friends is a sail of boat, it can bring you the safest island. Friend is a road sign, it can show you the clearest way. Friend is a tercel, it can take you the most beautiful sky. Friend is a pandora, it can light you life most darkest way. If you ask me what friend is? I will tell you that friend is just like pandora charms. It is necessary for you during your life. It can make your life be full with charm.
Life is a long way; it will meet many people during the way you go forward. Bubble says that you will meet a person, when you turn head back for five hundreds time preexistence. You can image that it is how hard to meet a person during your time. What an amazing thing that you meet many persons and only a few people become your friends. You must clear that you feel that you are the most charm woman when you wear pandora bracelets and pandora charm. It is as same as friend. When you have friends, you will feel that you must be the happiest people in the world. When you happy, you need some share it with you. She is your friend. When you want to buy pandora bracelet or pandora beads, you will need someone go with you. She is your friend. When you are sad, you need someone comfort with you. She is your friend. When you are sad, you also need someone cry with you, she is also your friends. We know that every time woman likes to talk. Perhaps they will talk nothing, but they just want to talk, who they can think of, I believe that she must be her girlfriend. You may say that woman can talks with their husband or their relatives. You must be wrong, because you don’t know woman. Many men are lack of patient and many things that they cannot talk with their relatives. So they prefer to talk with their girlfriends. They will talk everything that happens in their life. Even though something which is not worth mentioning but they like to talk and friend likes to listen. So does man. They also have many things that they want to say with their intimate person. They prefer to talk with their friends. Sometimes send your pandora jewelry or pandora jewellery to your friend and show that they are the most important people in your life. They are worth having them.