Through a long time

The brand pandora jewelry was set up by a couple of Denmark in 1982, and swept all over the world swiftly, and the origin of this brand is that they import some accessories from Thailand and sold to the local people, they found Thai silver not only has good quality, but also renowned for their exquisite craft. Through a long time to wholesale and retail jewelry, the couple decided to run their own business and made the accessories by themselves in Thailand in 1987, meanwhile, stopped the retail business. Through this method, they can design the pandora charms as they wish, and Lone Frandsen designs. This company specializes in brand promotion. And when Lisbeth Larsen, goldsmith joined Pandora in 1996, he contributed in creating different styles.
When Pandora launch magic pandora bracelets in 1999 in Denmark, the consumer accept this concept quickly, Pandora has developed itself with the high demand of the abroad market. Now, 18 countries sell pandora charm and this brand is to be the world famous and welcomed by most of people.
Pandora has expanded their business from two people’s enterprise to bloc and its head office is in Copenhagen, there are more than a hundred service team in North America and in Thailand, over a thousand worker the produce exquisite jewelry to the all over the world people. If you are familiar with Pandora, you may know the pandora bracelet, through these beads, you can design different other jewelry like earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and so on and so forth. This is one feature of the Pandora and DIY concept decides why Pandora was favored by so many people. Just like one sentence describes: none but you cannot be think of, there is nothing that suppliers cannot offer. In pandora world, your imagination will not be restricted and design as you wish.