she was very good educated

LiWei had a lovely pretty face when she was born her manner always generous, she was very good educated, and she was so sweet that everyone likes her, including Mark. Twain, first time, he met her, he loved her, with time goes by, they understood each other deeper and deeper, they fell in love sincerely.
But, liwei’s family education was very strict, Mark. Twain wanted to married her; he must get her family’s permission, Mark. Twain went to talk liwei’s father, he said his requirements. Because of her father didn’t know him, li’s father didn’t promise his request, but he hope Mark show his character by some materials or matters. So Mark guaranteed to li’s father he can do it!
Mark got out from li’home, he was ready to do this. He didn’t find the people who appreciated him, but he searched six men, who treated him badly, he told them write evidence, of course, they wrote and the contents full of ridicule, critical, even didn’t admit their marriage, all of them said just like “this person deserve your daughter” he jumped into pandora curse. Mark knew these materials were unfavorable for his propose, at last he sent these to li’s father.
It is unexpected, his future father of the bride told him:” I like your sincere I agreed with you married my daughter, because you are so sincere that any shortcomings and mistakes should be forgiven, now, I know you than others, first of all, “you are a sincere man, you don’t hide not good thought about you that other talks about you, secondly, you are a brave man, you bring not good for you materials, and you can propose to married her, I see you, you look like enveloped by pandora charms,” from now on, I will be your best friend.
Li’s father chose the right one, Mark. Twain didn’t disappoint li’ family confidence, li became Mark’s wife, she felt very happy and sweet. She wrote to her sister:” our life full of sunshine, we haven’t seen the shadow.” Passed many years Mark didn’t buy pandora charm, pandora bracelets, pandora bracelet and so on. They lived sweet life still.
After several years, Mark’s father referred to his proposal, he asked Mark “why you do that?” he smiled and said:” if you know my disadvantage, you won’t count on me. On this basement, finding me advantage, you will pride of choose me to be your son.”
Mark’s father said happily:” sincere not only wisdom, but it can shine more light than wisdom, there are many things can’t get by wisdom, but can be got by sincere. One day, Mark bought pandora beads for his wife, although it cost not too much, this instead of his heart, and it was the only dear present Mark bought for li, li loved Mark and she always supported him, their life wasn’t rich, they trust each other, they give others warm.
Sincere, is a kind of open mind, is a kind of mode which is noble and crystal clear. Both of us should treasure others sincere, aren’t we?