In my opinion

the girl should make-up themselves everyday, dressing in beautiful clothe, wearing in lovely jewelry, just like pandora. Make their lives colorful. I have a friend called Maria, she always dress ordinary. But one day, she told me that she want to join in a game, a dance competition. The news surprised me.
“Hello, John.” Maria said to me with sweet smile, “I am going to dance tonight. I hope you will come, this is ticket for you. Do not forget it!” she put ticket in my hand and then walks away hurriedly.
“What? Dancing? I ask myself. Maria is a common girl. She hasn’t titivated, dressed in plain cloths, and wear in a pair of black glasses. She never knew how to adorn herself—and for an ordinary girl, what a terrible thing it is!
In the evening, I take the ticket, go to the theater, find my seat, and sit down; Maria’s performance will be waited for several minutes. Although only several minutes, I feel just like day break, I tell myself not to fall asleep.
“Let us welcome the next performance—the warm radiance of the Latin!” the theater filled with clap.
My eyes widely opening, I don’t want to miss any details. Maria dressed in the golden skirt, wearing pandora charms, shining pandora bracelets, just like a beautiful mermaid under the sunshine. At that time, I feel that all audience was staring at her, include me. How beautiful she is! Slim body, flowing hair, charming smile on her face, she immerse in the performance completely, she looks like a pretty butterfly on the stage. I can’t believe my eyes.
After the performance ended, I go to the outside of the theater and wait for her.
“Hi!” there is a bag in her hand, in which is a pair of shoes, she stand in front of me, she dressed clothe usually she dressed, but the make-up still on her face.
“What do you think about my performance?” She asks me elatedly.
“That’s perfect!” I answer.
“Ha, I know.” She can’t help laughing, like a child.
“Should you help with me?” She hands her shoes to me; they look like rather brilliance couple with night sky. At this time, I realize that every girl should have a pair of crystal shoes. Just like Cinderella.
Before long, Maria wins the champion. In order to reward her, the organizers give her pandora charm and pandora beads. She likes this pandora bracelet, she tells me.
With the time goes by, I find that she is a lovely and sweet girl, I fall in love with her, I know she likes Pandora jeweler, when on her birthday, I buy a gift for her, the gift is a Pandora chain, I feel very nervous, because I am not sure whether she will receive or not. I made a date with her, she looks very happy, she said she like the present. She wear the chain, she looks like a princess.
Because of a pair of shoes, we come together.