Everyone could do things

there was a small country named pandora. People lived there did the farming, hunt for animals, and built houses and so on. There was no exploit. The emperor never oppressed his people with terrible taxes and punishments. It was like a kingdom of freedom. Everyone could do things as he liked without overstepping his authority.
One day, in the palace, the empress gave birth to a boy, who was born with a pandora charms. The surprising news convulsed the country. The bracelet shone brightly, because it seemed to be made of pandora bracelets. As a matter of fact, it was a present from Zeus as a prize of his nice dominion. The emperor treated it as a symbol of felicity. In order to remember the special time, he called the boy Bruce.
In the next year, a girl named Joe was born with the same Pandora bracelet. The sole different was that her bracelet seemed to be made of pandora charm. Of course, the social status was apparently dissimilar. Bruce was a prince, and Joe came from a poor family that lived on farming.
However, that was absolutely not the barrier. The country endangered everyone with freedom. As time flew, they both had long hair. Once upon, while Bruce was hunting for a rabbit in a forest, Joe was picking up mushroom. The rabbit was so scared that it scuttled away in no direction. Bruce ran after it immediately. Just then Joe came across it. What a lovely rabbit it was! She held it in her arm, and decided to take it home. As she was leaving, Bruce came there. Seeing the kind-hearted girl, he was ashamed. He was filled with admiration. After apologizing to the rabbit, they had a long talk. Joe was impressed deeply by Bruce. When they talked about their pandora bracelet, they were surprised to say any word. They hugged to express their excitement. Then they said goodbye, and came back to their own home.
Several days later, Bruce still remembered the kind girl. He missed her so much that he always could not fall asleep. So did Joe. It was no wonder that they had fallen in love with each other at the first sight. Thus, Bruce went out of his palace to find Joe. In the end, he met her in the forest they first met. He was so exhilarated that he kissed her in a moment. Suddenly, he stood on his knees, and took out a pandora beads. He was asking her to marry him indeed. Though she could not believe it was true, she still nodded. Bruce took her to the palace. The girl was so cute and lovely that his parents liked her. They treated her as their daughter. Of course, they decided to get married on Saint Valentines’ Day.
However, things never went well all the time. The Kingdom of Dark, Pandora’s neighboring country, committed aggression against Pandora. The greedy king wanted to explore his land. Pandora was endangered in high risk. The country had been peaceful for a long time. They never trained the army. This was a matter of great urgency. Prince Bruce had to lead the army to protect the country. The wedding was put off. Before he set off, the empress presented the lovers two pandora jewelry. “No matter where you are, the pandora jewellery will protect you all the time. There is the charm, there is your love”, she said. The next day, Bruce rode to the battle to fight for his country. Joe stayed at home waiting for her fiancé.
The battle had lasted for nearly ten years. At last, the Kingdom of Dark conquered Pandora. Other soldiers came back home expect Bruce. Though Joe was sad, she still believed the empress’s words. The pandora bracelet was broken, but the pandora beads studded on it shone brightly. Just as their love, no matter what happened, they loved each other. In fact, Bruce did not die. He was sent to England as a captive. As the battle was over, they gave him freedom. It was a long journey but he eventually arrived. When they met again, they said nothing but kissing.
It was the true love.