Martin is a student of the middle school

He’s a Sunshine Boy, and he is popular with his friends. He is very clever and beautiful. He travels people and like to chat.
One day he went with his friends to a venture into the mountain, that to have behind his house. The day before they drive off, was so amazing that Martin could not sleep because the mountain had never gone it before. And it has been said that it a monster in the deep mountain. Things were obviously pandora on Martin. Finally, she fell into sleep at night Center Martin.
In the morning they met, the Martin family, and then they rode their bikes to the mountain. After a long time, they got out the target. It was a beautiful Lake, they would have eaten their food and played games at the same time, they had a good time. After had a rest, they began to have a risk.
On the first day, they have found nothing, and they returned to the objective, they made a bonfire and a tent. The night was so beautiful and they song and danced around the campfire. They loved the feeling of freedom. Suddenly came a beautiful girl, she was so pretty. Her eyes looked like pandora charms and she had a slim and elegant in stature. No one noticed that they were in the mountains. Then they have the consciousness lost. The next day, Martin woke up, but he could not find it his friends everywhere. Suddenly, he thought about the girl he wanted to go home to some help. As a result could he find the way home. After a moment, he decided to save his friend by himself.
He went into the mountain and searched everywhere. Unknowingly, it was shot in dark. He was tired and hungry. Then he fell to sleep against a large rock. The girl appeared in his dream. See told him, on the road, behind the stone, then he would, go pandora bracelets, then is the Pearl would lead him, how it should proceed. After a while, he woke up and was looking for the beads. The beads said to him, that he was in a hole to go. The hole in the vicinity of the Lake, there were pandora charm were protected by a spirit. But the most important thing was to borrow it. Later, he found the hole and went to beg the spirit for the chain. The spirit was not pleased to give him, the spirit was also afraid that he not return him back, but the chain has been with the people. Martin wrote to guarantee a paper return. And Martin, said to take the chain, the girl, the pearls that he dreamed to find. The girl was in the deep mountain lived.
On the third day he went for a long time. He was so tired that he not go. He wanted something to eat to look. Then, he found a home in the corner of the mountain. He went to the House and he saw, there were some fruit and food on the table, he asked whether it answered a host but no one, then he took some of them to eat. Suddenly, he saw the picture on the wall. The image was the girl. Your pandora bracelet were so bright and moved him deeply. The girl in the picture tells him that she wanted to be free, she wanted to go out from the image. Asked Martin to pandora beads to find in the Lake. Then the magic of Crystal Pandora is she would save and Martin’s friends.
Marin tries be best to find the chain. He went back to the House and put the chain on her neck, and then the miracle happened. The girl and his friends were rescued. Then they went quickly back home.
Last, the girl left all the things, but in Martin’s case, it spent flowers pandora jewelry.