After saying this

“Now we depart each other, and I will be at the same place waiting for you. If you can find me, then I will agree with you to marry with you.” Rachael said in the telephone. After saying this, she begins to leave. Watching her leaving, Richard falls into sadness. Here he is standing is the place they met each other. Where does he can find Rachael? In fact, he does not know. But he just knows that here is he met Rachael. And so he falls into ponder. Richard goes straight along the road and look for his girlfriend Rachael. “Look, there is pandora store. Look at my pandora charms. It is send by my boyfriend. The next month we will marry each other. I am so happy.” Hearing this, Richard raises his head and sees the store which is ahead of him. Seeing this, Richard has fall into mind. Rachael has told him she likes pandora bracelets very much. So as her boyfriend, Richard once bought Pandora jewelers to Rachael. He remembers that on the day that they knew each other one month, the pandora charm he bought for her as the commemoration. And then they have been together with each other, and as the knowing deeper and deeper, Richard has found he has loved Rachael day by day. If the former they just know the other, but now he knows he loves her. So the day before yesterday, Richard bought the pandora bracelet to Rachael as the gift to ask her to marry him. Thinking of this, Richard goes to the store in a hurry and he feels that he must find something in the Pandora store. Seeing the store ahead of him, Richard has some hesitate to enter the room because he is afraid of nothing he will find. Actually, Rachael is in the store now. And she is just watching the Pandora jewelers in the store, and also in her mind Rachael does not know what the real ideas. Since the day she has been hurt by the accident, Rachael has lost all her memory of the past time, but the only thing left in her mind is just the Pandora store. So she does not know what the feelings she has in her heart to Richard. But she thinks that the Pandora store must be the very important thing in her life. Suddenly she sees a pandora beads in the show window that is like the ornament wearing in her neck. Rachael remembers that it is called pandora jewelry that Richard once told her. Seemly she feels this is given by Richard. And at the same time there is something about Richard coming into her mind. While seeing the jewelers in the store, Rachael is walking around the store. While the longer she is walking there, there are the more memories coming into her mind. Rachael then thinks of her and Richard once came here before. And there are some fragments coming into her mind. Although the impressions are not linked together, they are the real feelings in her thought. At last, the whole past comes into her mind. Rachael has thought of everything between Richard and her in the past time. The Pandora necklace is given by Richard as his protections for her. At this time, the man she really wants to see is Richard who is she really loves. So she goes out of the store in a hurry. Just at this time, Richard is there now and he has made the decision to enter. The first man Rachael sees is Richard and she begins to be crying and she hugs the man she loves. The love is back Richard thinks in his mind.