Elena is the woman

who is very beautiful and smart. She has a dream to be a great artist and she wishes to have the perfect life. Now Elena has an opportunity to play the leading role in the new play Seeing U at the Next Crossing. The new play gives us a special story about the marriage. The roles meet at the pandora store, and they have changed the contacting methods. With the association they have been with each other, they fall into love day by day. During the days they have been together, the boy in the play boys some pandora charms to the girl in the new play. One day they make a decision to meet at the place where they met first. On the day the boy is ready to propose to the girl. Actually the boy wants to propose the girl with the pandora bracelets which has been ready by the sellers. Otherwise the accident happened. At that time, the pandora charm in the hands which is the gift given to him by the girl. He is ready to give it to the girl as the former propose. But now all the things are changed by the accident. The girl is waiting in the store all day, but she does not see the boy again. She will never know the boy has been in the hospital while she is waiting in the Pandora store and there is nobody known whether the boy could wake up again or not. The girl fosters the pandora bracelet and she thinks that the boy must have something important to do. So though she has been a little sad, she still has the confidence for the boy. She knows she should wait him forever till he comes to see her. In the following time, the girl every month will come here to wait the boy. Though the result is always upset for her, she will always wait, too. Suddenly one day she meets a man, who is very like the boy, but he does not know her, in fact since the boy wakes up again he has lost the memory to his past. When the girl knows this, she knows she should not tell the boy the truth between them because the boy has had his life now. And she goes not want to change his life. But at last, before they see again at the next crossing, there are many things happened in their life. The boy thinks of the girl and they live together again. At that time, the pandora beads the boy bought to the girl again. When Elena has read the whole play, she is moved by the story. And she thinks of herself. Since her school time, there is a man she has loved for so long time and they never meet each other again. Actually she wants to see him again, but she knows there is no chance that the thing can happen. Tomorrow is the issue for the new play. The place to hold the issue is Pandora store which is Elena meets the boy the last time. She thinks tomorrow may be the special day. The wish she has is … At the new play reporting, the reporter has asked something about the new play, but at last, the question is what the Mr. Right in your mind, Elena. These words have recalled the memory of Elena. Just for a moment, she says: I will never see him again. Over this, she stands up and leaves with the other players.