Demon has exhausted

“Now, she is just a shell. If you want to make her a real resurrection, we must find more pandora.” Vampire Alice said. Alice is a vampire with a 400-year life. In the vampire family, the longer of the age, the stronger of the ability, so Alice’s words is right. “Why? Why does not she have been born again? Why does she just a dead body?” The vampire Demon who is very sad asks. Demon is Elizabeth’s boyfriend, and Elizabeth is the girl who is lying in the bed. Since the death of Elizabeth, Demon has exhausted all means to make her back. When he heard that use the pandora charms which can recover Elizabeth’s body, Demon immediately found it. Finally racking hardships he found, however ultimately he never thinks that Elizabeth is still just one body without a spiritual, just a zombie. He has paid so much, Demon is very sad; he felt a loss at the past. “Because Elizabeth has lost her soul, to find pandora bracelets can only recover her body, the soul can not be done. If you want to make her truly born again, you must find variety of pandora charm to give her new soul and recover her psychic powers, at last she will have the true body, and what means the really resurrected life, otherwise what you have done is all meaningless. ”While feeding a pill to Elizabeth, Alice said. “That’s how to find a variety of Pandora jewelry which has various psychic powers?” Demon eagerly asks. “As far as I know, on the highest mountain top in the world there is a pandora bracelet, it can help restore physical activities to Elizabeth. But there are a lot of werewolves who watch the bracelet in the top guard, because this bracelet is left by the werewolf ancestral. So if you want to get it, it is a very difficult thing to you. “Alice sighed. “As long as Elizabeth can recover and rebirth, even want my life, I would give.” Finish, Demon immediately sets off to find Pandora bracelet. When the Demon gets there, he quietly enters the hilltop. Suddenly he sees a beam of light; Demon thinks surely that emitted by pandora beads light. So he wants to get this silver bracelet, however accidentally, a stone falls down to the ground, sparking a bunch of noise. Poorly, it must disturb the werewolf this idea sparks in the mind of Demon, he must get it in a hurry. Demon accelerated the rate of climb the hill. Just then, the werewolves suddenly appeared in front of Demon. “Demon, we have always kept space between you and us, now you come here and do you know you have broken the rules?” Werewolf Jack asks angrily. “I just want to borrow the Pandora bracelet to help my girlfriend regained consciousness. I hope you can lend it to me.” “How could that be? It is impossible to give it to you!” Jack becomes crazy. As Jack does not like to lend it to Demon, Demon has no choice to fight to Jack. Finally, Demon defeated Jack, and he brings the Pandora bracelet to Elizabeth. Alice and Demon have been successful to restore the activities of Elizabeth. Under the guidance of Alice, then Demon finds other Pandora silver: pandora jewelry which helps Elizabeth to regain consciousness, as well pandora jewellery which help to restore the growth of the body of Elizabeth, tomorrow is the day that to complete the rebirth of Elizabeth, Demon thinks that in his mind. I wish tomorrow comes early, Demon prays silently in the heart.