Alice buys her favorite

At the pandora jewelry store, Alice sees a lot of Pandora jewelry; and the staffs introduces these one by one to Alice. Alice buys her favorite pandora charms. At night, Alice goes to sleep early after she has been washed. Soon she falls into a heavier sleep than before. When she is sleeping, Alice falls in the dream. And in the dream, Alice finds she goes to one place that she has never seen. Almost everyone there wears pandora bracelets, and there all the goods are not traded with money, but barter. What she has is just Pandora charm, Alice gains her another Pandora jewelry- Pandora chain which is her first pay and gains by her hard work. Then Alice goes to the downtown wearing the pandora charm, and she meets Lucy, who is wearing Pandora bracelet and very beautiful. As the young girls, Lucy and Alice become close friends quickly. And then they go along the street together. In the street, Alice met a lot of strange things. When Alice and Lucy go to a shop, Alice feels very familiar with the things. However Alice can not say out what the special things are. “Alice, come here and look at this article bread, it is so nice.” Heard her name shouted by Lucy, Alice walks around to Lucy, and holds up the beads. Originally, this bread is the pandora bracelet which she saw the piece of Pandora bread in the Pandora jewelry store. Because when she decided to buy her own Pandora charm, Alice had no idea to choose which one and so she was impressed particularly to it. Even having seen it, so Alice uses her own Pandora chain to exchange this Pandora bread, and she gives it to Lucy as the gift, Lucy is very happy. So Lucy sends her Pandora bracelet to Alice. Finally, in the evening, Alice and Lucy go back home which is the home of Lucy. Lucy introduces Alice to her mother; Lucy’s mother welcomes the arrival of Alice very much. And Lucy’s mother shows her warm hospital to Alice. And the mother does a lot of local specialties to Alice. At dinner, Alice asks Lucy’s mother why everyone here is wearing with pandora beads. Lucy’s mother tells her that it was because there was a monster in the past and later a god helped them to defeat the monster. At last, the god defeated the monster successfully. Later the god wanted to bless them for the peace, and so the god changed himself into the Pandora necklace to protect them. To commemorate what the god had done for them, therefore now everyone has Pandora with themselves in the whole village. After the meal, and then Lucy and Alice go to Lucy’s bedroom and they talk about their own thing to each other. Alice tells many interesting things to Lucy. Alice tells Lucy that in her own society she has father and mother. And in her world, there are many jewelry stores and other food stores. The most different thing between her world and here is that if they want to have something, they should use money to buy them. Soon they talk over; Alice and Lucy fall asleep quickly. When she wakes up again, Alice finds herself lying on her own bed. And what her hands are wearing is pandora jewelry which is Lucy send to her. So Alice knows that she has a special adventure in the dream. And Alice gets up in a hurry to go to her school and she thinks that her classmates must admire her.