but no one left

The man is rich, and the rich man is always flirtations with girls. So the man has a lot of friends, but nobody had a man give his heart truly. “To coax his so-called friends happy, man sends more pandora to them. “Man doesn’t live anymore, how many pieces of pandora charms, that raised it to the so called his girlfriend. As a whole, what was the man ever done can coax the females happy, and the man feels very satisfied. Once in while, the man like a woman. The woman does not apply to the beautiful art belong, but the woman has the special temperament, and the other type which has MS and that the men have never seen. “And he gives the woman a pandora bracelets. Man thinks that the woman would that have done things like that, what other women, and then would the gift with the willingness to accept them and get themselves find you, to ask him to do his girlfriend. However, is the woman take not the gift, and she says the man that she wants true love, not the money. In the intellectual who has man never intended that he refused would be. So, what the woman said, his heart’s desire inspired, decides the man do to win the offensive ways to make the feelings of women. The man starts, buy the flowers for the woman. “Today the woman birthday come, sends the man to a pandora charm to the wife, this time not reject the woman, but she is still dissatisfied, the people to be the girlfriend because woman thinks that the man is not too long to insist on this matter. Then, one day, the woman is sick in the hospital. As the man heard this, later, he knows that the time comes. “Was the man to the hospital immediately goes and buys a pandora bracelet to the woman. What is even more important, the man hires to heal the best doctors in training for women. While the man is in the hospital, always with the wife, and eventually the woman moves from what the man has done. On the day it is good and is ready to leave the hospital, promised the woman to be his girlfriend. “The man sends a pair of pandora beads to the woman. In fact, every time the man makes a woman to be his girlfriend as a Lord, he sends a Pandora to them. What is the difference to the man it means breaking the relationship between him and the women, while women begin it to the new romantics means. So after sending the last gift, the man disappears. But shortly after the global financial crisis happens. The man not the business, and he goes bankrupt. Although the woman knows, the heart of the man did not belong to her, the woman still finds the man and gives him a box. The woman says that in the box are the gifts that the man you sent, and she tells the man that she sold as his seed capital and to recover. The man opens the box and has a look, it’s all that decorate Pandora article that he gave the woman in the last time. And then he sold the jewelry, and later by his struggle for success, finally he makes a comeback for the company. In this process, the man finds that he been in love with the woman. So after the success, the wife of the man is only girlfriend. “Finally was the man buys all pandora jewelry, which sold was again and it returns to women, they live happily.