Catherine is an advertising producer

Today, she is just busy doing a great business, Catherine later goes home. Dragged her body to her home, Catherine sees the Windows of the House, without some light, and can not help me with a few strange feelings. “In preparing to go, Catherine, sees that besides jewelry store, the look is still in business, of” pandora shop “appeared before her. Suddenly, she is impulse to see the stock. So Catherine is transformed and goes to the store. “Clerk is enthusiastic on pandora charms to Catherine to introduce. When listening to the writer, introduction, Catherine will enjoy of Pandora’s ornaments, which are available in the window. Shortly thereafter, Catherine sees a bracelet. “Catherine, says the employee that this bracelet called pandora bracelets. In the course of the global, the company has limited to only select 1001 pieces that are specifically designed for couples designed to release, symbols of Trinidad. Catherine continued on other jewels look, suddenly she sees some decorate articles that are with the bizarre forms, so Catherine asks one of the writers choose this gem and she had a look of hired edges of jewelry out of the window. “Praises the writer, Catherine t she has vision in the jewelry industry, that pandora charm, which the President in memory is on by one of the box of souvenirs and specialized production the anniversary, and this jewelry has magic, a man can do that, which is far away from the disaster to protect. Catherine feels that it decides very specific sounds, and they, they only decorate to buy items, as a reward for their daily work. Just then, the voice of 21.00 sounds of the branch watch published and it is the time to close the door. At this time Catherine has discovered that they spent an hour in the store, and so she leaves quickly the jewellers shop. When Catherine got home, the whole House is still black. “Power off?” Impossible, right now the jewelry shop is still a light switch? At this moment, the House suddenly lit a small light, Catherine scare. The original reason that today’s birthday is Catherine, like Catherine’s friend, Jack in a fine box in his hand with a smile on his face. Catherine opens the box and look inside. “There are a Pandora, in the pandora bracelet price is seen. “Come on, let them carry me on you.” Jack says, and bears the chain on Catherine. Strange things have happened at this moment. Although the chain significantly on Catherine’s neck has been as long as Jack release one, then it will automatically fall down. The necklace, look not on speaking can be Catherine’s face became pale, how was that? Could it be really launched with the devil? Catherine shouts on. Originally, a year ago, Catherine derived from a car through a junction with the fast speed, so they knocked over a little girl. Although it had taken over the girl to a hospital in the end, the girl died. A necklace was wearing at the time of the little girl’s neck. Catherine escaped from the hospital. Catherine called in hopeless. Jack goes next to her and they embraced for a long time. Then Jack looks Catherine and says: “to surrender it to and I’ll accompany you.” If you should finally be sentenced to a penalty, I would go to jail to see you for your birthday. And at that time, I bring you the Pandora chain, until then you have to send certainly click it. “Catherine looks and watches of Jack’s sincere eyes, and she nods.”