This morning

I go to Rive Gauche in Malta Shopping Mall, a studio for human figures photography. To tell the truth, I do not would like to go to such a place to make-up, to cover so many cosmetics on my skin of my smooth face. And I still consider that is the best way to waste a lot of my precious time and I am not interested in taking photos because I have found its boring characters. Every time when I finish it, I was too tired to speak anything, and during the process, I always feel hungry. But my colleagues asked me to join in them in order to get the discount, so this morning, I become a member of the fans who is interested in taking photos here. Yes, it is really very cheap. You will get 6 pictures from here and they are valued 28 Yuan. Studio will provide three pieces of clothing and three different modeling for me.

When I arrive there, the boss is still on her way. I wait for her nearly 20 minutes until she comes. That is a Radais with a pandora chain, I do not like smoking or what should I say, I hate them who are smoking publicly. It smells terrible and pungent. More sadly I find that she is also my dresser.
When she starts making up for me, she promotes pandora charms Hydrating Toner as “Relieve skin dryness ” “Smoothen fine lines” and “to refresh your skin like a new baby born” she says their pandora bracelets are very famous for the charms on them which may bring you good luck. But I really have never heard about this brand which name Pandora. She makes a flourish of trumpets about Pandora necklace and agitates me to buy one from the studio.
The thing is, when you buy pandora charm, you are spending a lot of money so you want to get excited about what you are buying. Reliability and after-sails service are all very important, but they are not exactly exciting, are they? I want my pandora bracelet to say something about me. I want something which looks sporty and attracts attention. I do not mind paying that bit extra for something that makes me look good.

A lot of my friends have got an e-mail so I wanted to buy a computer, I just did not know how much about them, and I find that all that information you get about performance and so on is totally confusing. And then I saw that advert on TV with those new computers. It showed how easy it is to get onto the internet and send e-mail. So I went to a computer superstore, had a look at one and bought it straightaway.

The discount activity’s true purpose is to promote their products such aspandora beads, Pandora gold. There is nothing new. They talk about this and talk about that. There always appears seemingly preferential surface hiding tremendous consumer trap.

I am a stubborn person and never persuaded by any one. So I refuse to buy anything from her. And I refuse listen even a word from them. I already tired of this kind of thing. If you fell into the trap, you will spend a lot of money on other things.

Fortunately, I?realize what it is and I can discern her purpose, so I am escape from the custom trap. The whole morning from 9:00 to 12:00, I just take some photos and have not buy anything from the studio, maybe the boss and their waitress are all very disappointed. So what? You cannot hide from me this stingy girl’s hands make go a penny!