can you believe it

pandora is the middle term was transferred to the school , the principal to b her fourth grade class when the class teacher. He said that this class of students is “special.”
In fact, Pandora still can’t believe the truth, that she is a magic girl, she can find pandora jewellery quickly, she doesn’t know. The first day into the classroom, Pandora was first taken aback: flying ball of paper, stand on the table legs, deafening noise … … the whole room like a chaotic battlefield. In Pandora’s life, wealth just cloud, she thinks only love can communicate people. Pandora use her pandora charms light all people’s path. Pandora opened the podium of the points list; see above record 20 students (IQ) score: 140,141,160 … … in the United States, the students into the school must test the IQ, IQ points by speed classes. Pandora suddenly realized, Oh! No wonder they have so much spirit, the original little guys are all geniuses! Pandora is able to take over such a high-class and secretly glad.
At first, can you believe it, a girl who is small, thin, can have giant power, both of pandora silver and pandora gold? Pandora found that many students do not hand in papers; even to pay up is illegible bear, full of mistakes. Pandora looking for kids who talk alone. “With your IQ, there is no reason not to obtain the best results; you should explore the potential of it.” She said to each student.
Throughout the semester, Pandora constantly reminds the students who do not waste their talents and special gifts. Gradually, the children become studious, their work accurately and full of creativity.
When you see pandora bracelets you mustn’t curiosity, it may be Pandora’s thing, and she has a kind of power, turn it into energy. End of the semester, the principal Pandora go to the office. “You applied for these kids, what magic?” He asked excitedly, “They exam results even better than students in regular classes!”
It was very natural ah! Their IQ already is higher than the average students in the class Yeah, you do not also say that they are very special it?” Pandora did not understand. So the life will give us surprise, and we need more and more power, kindness and the eyes to search beauty.
“I said b special classes of students, because some of them suffer from emotional disorders, and some low IQ, need special care.”
“That’s their IQ scores why so high?” Pandora pulls out points from the folder list, and gave principals.
“Oh, you made a mistake; this column is their storage box number in the stadium.” The original point of this school’s list, in ordinary schools where standard IQ scores, note that the storage box number.
Pandora listened, surprised a moment, but then smiled and said: “If a person believes himself a genius, he will become a genius the next semester, I would like to b the day before classes to teach the class! ”