but the result was unexpected

“This is who do live there?” “You can sleep six hours a day”, “want to don’t talk, don’t talk to me”, “turn over a new leaf”… open the MSN interface; pandora will come here, is always a great variety on the signature. But onion is a nightmare no doubt MSN signature.
Onion is the company’s Assistant Manager, just from working with most of the “Rookie” as before, as was in turn on the computer, look for a friend on MSN signature changes, pandora charms the Pandora always seems graduated signature, the own experience of things, and I Crystal Pandora beads, and frequent exchange of his personal pandora bracelets preferences msn feel the language used, just to write.
Month, the Department to take a project manager, the Manager, decided to from the onion and three assistants in the selected was promoted to the Manager to separate. After an interview, and ultimately selected onion, a new entry, there are less than three years. I thought the Manager position is not pandora jewellery their own need to go, but the result was unexpected.
In fact two very basic conditions, Department heads tend to anion, but the Vice President is responsible for company Z, silver choose Pandora bracelets and Pandora, the reasons pandora necklace are not cheap, that z “compression capability, stable, optimistic, psychological well.” This allows anion grumpy, ask yourself never to late or early, never no overtime say travel, Mr harmonious relationship between job performances awarded, went wrong in the end, what is?
MSN Madden signature is the culprit.
Memories from the past five years to work bit by bit, can not just work quietly in the so called “unpaid overtime”, “complex interpersonal relationships”, see the “Chief overkill” and a lot of complaints have the new environment of the pressure and challenges, onion to students like him. Can hope to make a channel with feelings air, or perhaps a “80″ and the quest for individuality to find pandora silver onions started to frequent exchange of their signature msn.
But the upright onion can notice not even their own, in the course of time, msn signature file as a barometer for his feelings to show his feelings at different times. “Night of the Living”, “Trouble!” “Are pig head to help”… usually complain, complain.
“We have on a platform work leave on msn all the daily work of communication, is necessarily big boss man you see the contents of the signature file is the signature is not z ‘ hard work ‘ is ‘ fuel, tomorrow is it better” are some positive words. Look at your signature always a dilemma. Boss, you get a good impression on you? “Competent as sobering words, let Instant Insight onion.”
Signature heart not willing, quietly go blank
“Vice President is not with our office under one roof, usually in shops is also busy with little communication he didn’t know me, but what made this review?” Anion feel injustice done “If msn signature file of personam criteria may be, it is too unscientific.” This write a positive, loyal to the table when someone on the above can write, not in the name of his real thoughts? MSN signature itself is the place to express individuality, I have some bad experience to describe, reflects some of his real experiences and feelings, but that does not, explain my ability to work, or to reflect on my perfect condition. ”
Anion has laid down his Office and ready to once again start from scratch. Although not clearly said, but the onion MSN signature returned is empty.