Monster Beats Studio Pink With White Diamond breakthrough self

May be the high anticipations of the iPhone could technological revolution complete of anticipations. In a nutshell, the new iPhone’s launch and didn’t meet our prior anticipations.Nonetheless, Monster Beats has not allow us down.

Compared on the iPhone5 release appraise sound, new earbuds Apple’s most current has been unanimous praise from media and users. As many of us know, Apple’s first spouse headphones (generally generally known as “white), the tone quality has become dubbed the $10 audio quality level, while For many Shaoyou, Apple iPod Classic can be called a classic, but with plug never ever been use some Shaoyou even directly lost before that white headphone sound quality status in the hearts of people from the side reflects today we take a look at the brand new Beats Headphones from Monster Beats Sale.

Industrial and fashion design: Monster Beats Studio HD Headphones Pink With White Diamond

The Monster Sale By Dre said that Apple’s designers and engineers to invite up to 600 people tested 124 different prototypes, the final product to achieve the total range of breakthrough earbuds. But the feeling we get after after the actual wear, soundproof indeed increased but in comparison Ear is still lacking. Wear is not no publicity as laminating and solid, but the industrial design of the headset again beat the value in use.

Monster Beats Studio HD Headphones Pink With White Diamond

We use specific numbers to measure the sense of hearing under the old and new with plug:

New with plug: low volume sense] 3 [IF vocal] 3 [A] 2.5 [high-frequency extension of] 3

The old models with plug: low volume sense] 2 [IF vocal 2 [A] 2.5 [high-frequency extension of] 3

The new Beats Diamond indeed the sense of hearing with the plug, in comparison with the previous generation in the entire on to get a breakthrough, but the $159.95 price for optional room the audio quality from the same level of product or very good. If you are not a fruit powder, or again to think about it.

Monster Beats Studio HD Headphones Pink With White Diamond

The Beats Studio breakthrough from two aspects, the first appearance on the innovation, the second low-frequency to enhance the sense of hearing. Monster Beats Outlet bring you all kinds of surprises.