Jobs era brought us many surprises

Among long-awaited, iPhone5 ultimately say about us satisfy the newest Beats By Dre headphones meet up with with us. As always, the unrest would seem we have been presently acquainted with. Irrespective in the iPhone5 forward of exposure or meeting the target of criticism for brand new phones, Apple still adhering to their very own reveal of “stubborn” Soul By Ludacris continue questioning towards madness.

“The pursuit of excellence, success will pursue you.” This is I think the most suitable for the evaluation from the Jobs era of Apple. Houqiaobusi era of Apple is still excellent, but the company’s philosophy seems to coexist with controversy. Steve Jobs is a genius, an almost paranoid Cook to show to the world is a successful businessman with business leaders that have talent. Apple is even now excellent, but it gradually receded aura, is a listed company with the highest market value.

Apple to make the world surprised

Jobs era has brought us a lot of surprises. Beats By Dre Sale first iPod changed the way of listening to music, the first iPhone redefined the smart phone, let us first iPad touch to the quality of life for future technology can bring. Today, let us briefly look at these wonderful moments.

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Change the way of listening to music. In October 2001, the launch in the first-generation iPod player. When the birth in the first-generation iPod, it only 5GB capacity, screen resolution is only 160 ?¨¢ 128 pixels, only 32MB of RAM and 32MB of ROM. It can not even be compatible with the Windows operating system, quite historical significance, which uses a 1.8-inch hard disk as a storage medium, and mechanical reel pulley-type operation buttons. At that time, this iPod player sells for $399, Beats Studio and sold 125,000 units in the first two months of sales.

Redefine the smartphone. MacWorld Convention on January 10, 2007, Apple officially released the first Apple smartphone iPhone has never set foot in the field of communications Apple can phone, was still dominated by Nokia, N-series Nokia scenery almost let forget the self. There are a lot of people are making fun with the Apple iPhone, a phone without keyboard how to, but the subsequent performance of all blindsided.

January 27, 2010, Apple’s conference held in San Francisco Ou Babu Arts Center (Grass Art Center), has lengthy been rumored Tablet PC Diamond Beats. iPad positioned between the Apple iPhone smartphone and MacBook family of notebook computer products, quintana only four buttons (Home, Power, volume plus & minus, and a gravity sensor the mute mode switch) with the iPhone layout offers browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail, viewing e-books, play audio or video, is very good with a Pink Beats By Dre.

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Jobs era brought us many surprises. Jobs once said: “We do not have to ask what the user needs, but to tell the user what they need” this way of thinking with paranoid Jobs led Apple to go step by step in the forefront from the technology industry. Today the enemy has to go, and re-starting the Apple remains continued growth, but his controversy followed. iPhone4s, the revolutionary pad, iPhone5 these three products represent the status quo after Steve Jobs left Apple. Apple is nonetheless excellent, but the lack of a share of the pursuit of even some harsh spirit of innovation. Apple began to cater to the market, ready to go to the iPad mini, Top Beats Headphones from the changes in the size of the iPhone screen. Apple fans continue to support the same time, there has been a lot of frustration. The iPhone headphones once Cited boasts industry-leading five-year the domineering gradually vanished.