Different man in different country

A airline stewardess in Japan in the career of her service have went to many place in the world , during the journey she obseved many kinds of men , which left different impression on her . Some as evil as pandora. One type is the mean American , in America , usually the husband take charge of the money of the family , the degree they care about money has reach one kind of surprising result . They will not intent to buy some value gift like a piece of pandora charms in the first , they may consider to buy a piece of pandora bracelets if they make sure that he want to keep contact with you . Even when the first time they meet with the stranger , they often ask you what is your job , then you salary comes after . It can be understood that in such environment of America ,which have no class system , no matter how you poor when you birth , if only you have talents , you can success at last and accumulate you wealth in a short time . You may be rich enough to buy a set of pandora silver or a piece of pandora gold. Which can be a sign of status .So the money is a kind of measure of one’s value . America man i very mean in a surprising way . So is the bachelor . Usually after you make a date with a America man , he will ask you to come to his apartment , if you refused , then it can be the last time of you date , they never waste the money without result . May be when they get alone with the girl with who they want to live the whole life , the may be not so mean to buy a piece of pandora gold as the engagement gift . If we talk some advantages in America man , then most of them will appraise , respect the girls who have more income and better educated . To girls , if you want find a America man you can dependent on , then you can not find a man who can meet this quality , but to the girl who want to keep their job and use her ability , a America man can be a good partner in the life .