You are here————three

Girl had not any news about the boy from that. During that time, there were a lot of boys wanted to stay with the girl. But she refused all the boys. She thought she should be the only one to the boy. She was the only pandora. After she graduated, girl worked there in order to wait for him. After some whiles, there was a rich young man liked her. He did a lot of things for her. Finally, the girl accepted him. Some months later, he proposed to her. She was not such a girl who went after money or power. If the boy stayed with her, she must choose to be with him. Even though he did not buy her pandora necklace, she would always be glad to stay with him. But now, he had disappeared. She thought he could not come back. So she chose to forget. Forgetting him was the only answer. So, she agreed.
After boy left her, he found a job through a friend. Boy tried his best to work hard. When he felt tired he stopped, he missed the girl for a while. After some while, boy did not contact with the girl. He was afraid that he could not help himself to find girl. He must work hard. He told him too many times. He needed to give her a happy life. He wanted to give her the best. He did not want her worry about the money, even though the life was without pandora gold or pandora silver. During the work time, many female colleagues showed the love to him, but he refused all of them. One time, he was drunk, he spoke out his mind. He knew he could not afford to buy the luxury pandora bracelets. She also did not want anything from him. But he thought he should give her a present for wedding. His friends heard this, they wanted to help him. But he refused their help. “Please forgive my selfish. Because every cent in my hand is full of the love I have about her. I do not hope my love consist of other people’s emotion. ” after some while hard word, his body had some bad situation. But he did not feel sad. He was so eager to earn a lot of money. Only he had enough money he could marry her. So he insisted on working hard. When others though the hard work like a pandora chain, he still hoped he could work more hard. He did all the things just for a Pandora necklace. Because he wanted to give her the things she liked. He did not care the health of himself. He could ignore everything for her. if could he wanted to buy her pandora charms. He wanted to buy all the beautiful pandora jewelry. But there always were some accidents. Finally, he had the enough money. He ran to the wedding dress shop, he bought back the necklace. When he looked at the red gift box, the smile was filled with his face. But he even had no power to speak.