The third party always

How to Remove the Internal Factor in Marriage Against the Third Party
In all of the issues of divorce , the third party has the deepest harm to the feeling . The third party always plays an awkward roles , then one part in this broken marriage suffers the betray and the feeling be fooled . The past love become a kind of shame affected action , the once rose in full bloom was ruined heartlessly . When the pandora lose her past charm in another part . It will not help anything just blame the part who fall in the illegal love affair , and it can not make up anything . In fact , only when the both party in the marriage have gap between each other , the third party can get the chance to enter into . If this kind of problem can be found out as early as possible , the matter can be made up before it is too late , and to keep the balance and harmony in the family . Some experts in America pointed out that there are three basic elements for the third party can invade the family :
First of all , the loneliness . Sense of loneliness is the main reason of spurring the third part . When the husband do not show the love by sent some gift like pandora jewelry to show his love , for example , just a piece of pandora earrings A member who takes part in the course of Method of Marriage and Sex said that her husband spend most of his time on the computer when he at home . Once , when she went the book store , with some books in her hand , some dopant and the wallet as well, the books and bags all fall down on the ground when she got the money . An lovely gentleman picked it up for her , than smiled to ask : so you love the novel wrote by Hers as well ? Just some words about her interests not the material stuff of pandora charms can move her . One week later , she went to the store again . They talked about three hours this time . She said what attracted her is not only the sex ,but also the talk with him . However , to his husband , all of her meaning is just a reproduction machine . There is nothing about money , not a piece of pandora bracelet , just show the care . So if there is no one can share the details in the life , the sense of loneliness could be generate easily , the lack of effective communication , will lead to one or both part get a feeling of solitary , then they seek for comfort out of the marriage .
The second is tedium . The long time dull life will spur the third part as well. Do not blame you part for her being keen on pandora silver , she just want to fix focus on her .A man who involved in an affair of third part account his story that he was keeping thought of meeting anther woman for continuing eleven years , but never consider that got into an illegal love affair . One day , he went to take part in an ball all alone , cause his wife had left the town . Another woman invited him to come to her place to drink one or two cups . He felt shocked and tensed , cause it is the first time he received this kind of invitation , he told her ha can not . However , two days later ,he called her , then the thing happened naturally . The lure outside is the second important reason for the illegal love affair , but the key trigger is the life between man and wife . Especially the dull spiritual life . In the west society , it happened after the six or five years of their marriage .