enjoyable sitting inside drinking coffee

I’m not stupid, so I will not obsessed with love for ages, but this time in the W students did make me Heart negative seriously injured.Life has returned to its original state, it seems that nothing had happened, I lived as before, the only change in my mood Chen wind, I have to look forward to her soft appeared in his holding Zhou Jing moment, it has been down into the trough, and love him, may Replica Handbags love his life, but this love, I can only pressure in the deepest psychological, like a child who is very precious doll, perhaps a long time I would not have thought of.Go up early, the way to work Monday after a cafe when, suddenly thought of a few days ago, I met Chen Feng and Zhou Jing soft enjoyable sitting inside drinking coffee.Originally, I had already become the old one, only one other people’s point of Louis Vuitton Bags view to watch him happy.The atmosphere in the office, as always, colleagues in idle while still unscrupulous chat, the piece of wall clocks or once every second, issued by a tick tick sound.This world is not my sad occurrence of the slightest change, the sun will still rises from the east in accordance with its original trajectory.Only my world has undergone enormous changes.This feeling, familiar, that was Replica Handbags Groom six years ago that afternoon, that dim cafe.”Yao seek sister, boss asks you to go to her office,” Xiaolin’s voice interrupted my thoughts, I slowly stood up, but still a kind of vertigo.I know that Zhou Jing soft will find my interview, but did not expect so soon.”Boss, you find me,” I went into the Zhou Jing soft office, the employee’s identity.”Oh, Yao seek, sitting Zhou Jing soft suddenly Hermes Fish Stripe came over and took my hand and action language passion to me a little panicked.Zhou Jing soft opposite to sit down and be prepared to hear her in the end to say something.”Did not know before you and Chen wind or students, even coincidence thing,” Zhou Jing soft smile is sincere, but without losing her original elegance.Yes ah, actually a coincidence, but I would prefer such a coincidence that there has never been.”When will you have time, we have dinner in the company, I Hermes Handbags am the boss you’re an employee, after work, I hope we can become close friends.”Friends? You? Ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend how she will become good friends?This is a ridiculous thing. The afternoon’s work has been absent, report data is wrong several times, but for a timely reminder of the discovery of errors in Xiaolin may caused by the above Hermes Wallet financial vulnerability. Xiaolin to the company just a few months only, but has been very thorough understanding of the work we are responsible for most of the time, she will be rushing to do things with me, In addition to the psychological felt a bit guilty, I still feel this way or she not only exercise, I also ended up easily.Going to work, Zhou Jing soft really raised my evening Monogram Vernis dinner and her things, office colleagues stood up and pack up and ready to work, to hear Zhou Jing soft invited me to dinner, we are exposed to a surprised expression. The last party I did not go this time can not refuse her in front of all employees, only nodded, his heart was eleven million reluctance.Zhou Jing soft has its own proprietary driver, before the often heard colleagues talk about her luxury Fuhua did not expect that one day