I want to be Christmas man

When I was a young child, I liked the Christmas day most. On that day, I would have much delicious food; the most important that I could get the gift that I wanted most. I did not understand that how the Christmas father knew what I want. Though he was an old man, he was the “pandora
” in my heart when I was only a little child. When I asked mother that why the Christmas father gave me gifts, and my mother only gave gifts to the good child, so I always did things like a good did. That one day, I asked my father that if I could be the Christmas man when I grow up and my father told me that only the good man should be the Christmas father, maybe there will be a Christmas man. So whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be in the future, I always told him that I would be the Chrisman man. And I would give the pandora jewelry to the mothers and give the pandora crystal to the father and man. And the important thing was that I would give interesting plaything to good children.
Day by day, I grew up, and I was a strong and handsome man that my friend described me. When I grew up, I knew the Christmas father maybe a fair, he also a great man in my heart. Everything is impossible. It is a true saying.
One day, I had a picnic with my friends in a mountain. And when we play the game in the forest, I saw a bright light and I knew nothing after that. When I came to life again, I was on a comfortable bed. And there was a beautiful girl sat near the bed, I saw she wore pandora bracelets when she purred water into a glass for me. They were so pretty on her wrist. And she had bright eyes as pure as pandora beads
, and her long hair was so smooth and beautiful. When came to me, I asked where I were, she told me that I was in the Christmas father’s house. I was too surprised to believe the words what I heart. Then I told her I was Denny, and I knew she was Allen, she was the Christmas father’s daughter. I knew that I went to a new world.
The next day, the Christmas father and her mother went to see me He was a kind man and her mother was a beautiful woman , and she wore a pandora necklace
than in the same type with Allen’s . Her daughter took good care of me because the strong light hurt my eyes. A few days later, I was good again. And Allen was my good friend there. One day, her father told me the reason why I came here. The reason was that the space was wrong when it was turning. So befor the apace worl well,I had to stayed there, and in fact I liked there, and my dream maybe come true. Day by day, I went to their work place and help them to do something. Several days later, I told allen’s father that I wanted to a person like him. He was very glad to help me, but there was a problem that I was a stranger to all the other people, so they always introduced me to others when we met strangers. With their help and my hard work, I defeat other opponents, and I became the youngest christmas father. As I was too young, so they made a new position—christmas man. My dream came true. When it was the time I took the certificate of christmas man, there was a strong power grasped me…
“Wake up, wake up, it was the time to go home.”my friend shouted at me, then i woke up. It was a dream, but it was a good dream. It was as inportant as pandora charms
to the Pandora necklace.
I had a wonderful day.