I actually do not see that inside

away from that darkness, and then dashing told myself, in fact, he does not so important.I confidently raised my head, then smiled and walked in front of the pair of golden couple, with the sweetest voice said Chen Wind “Long time no see.”Chen wind seems to have not recovered from the surprise just now, he frowned eyeful could not believe it, I know, of course I know, because I have Louis Vuitton Handbags asked myself, this life, we really have to meet the day ?Looking at what I missed for so long man, he was thinner than before, but handsome than before taller, faded before uninhibited, covered with mature atmosphere, a pair of beautiful eyes at this moment with my four eyes In contrast, I actually Replica Handbags do not see that inside.”Yao seek? How are you here?” Zhou Jing soft is astonished at me, it seems that my dress will I conceal very well, she just recognize me.I will be greedy eyes away from the face of Chen wind, re-stacked look hypocritical smile “manager? Clever Oh, I came to the reunion, are you?” I Replica Handbags Damier Azur think at this moment, even if I make every effort to conceal themselves better, but still can not our emotions freely ask this sentence residual brain, I clearly know that she is to accompany Chen wind and no doubt, certainly based on the identity of the girlfriend.Zhou Jing soft and sweet and looked at the wind Chen “Chen wind let me accompany him up”She also told him Louis Vuitton Bags Mahina to Chen wind, I thought only I called him.Her hands still stuck in on the arm of the Chen wind, his face full of love women-specific expression of happiness.My heart Jiutong and I want to immediately give up the struggle, I simply can not do.”You .. okay?” Chen voice of the wind, or less Damier Geant Canvas magnetic, more vigorous than before, I looked at him, want to find a trace of indifference on his face, but I failed, he is full let me bitter sadness of the face, he should not like this expression, not let me so uncomfortable.”Very well,” My laughter is fake, like a child to buy those bad doll, a film by hand, she will send out the kind of gloomy laughter.Soft legs have to kind of want to fell the urge to go, I’ve been pretending not go on, to squeeze out a smile, “you first talk, I went over there.”I panic and flee when hit by a waiter carrying a red wine, cold drinks slide down my right shoulder, a chill to the top of the head from the soles of the feet cool.Yao seek, are you Hermes Men Bag okay “Chen wind a stride ran pick me up, face concern a kind of illusion, I shook my head, regarded as his answer, but also want to the imagination in the mind to get rid of.Chen wind gentle patting my arm on the red wine, the sleeves of cloth soaked after the drinks, is more transparent, Chen suddenly stopped the action, watching the piece of looming scar on my arm.I panicked Louis Vuitton Handbags Utah and quickly ran to the toilet clutching his arm, not far Replica Handbags followed ran into the room.River of tears the moment I have taken refuge in the toilet like a burst down my face kept slipping, God why so cruel to put him away from me, but also arranged for us to meet in such a way so cruel?I think that when we meet again, I can very calm in the face of him I thought he had forgotten me, even my unrequited love or is better than knowing each other care, but not together better.”How you made so embarrassed?” I looked in the mirror find any, this is me? The inside of my heart seems to be