A Story on Pandora Bracelets

A long time ago, there was a girl named pandora. She was born in a poor family. Her parents loved her so much that they were willing to die for their daughter. The family lived on mining. They broke large stones into pieces with a bomb. Then her father carried them to the market to trade with necessity for life. Though they had a hard life, they never complained.
As we knew, Pandora was the sole hope to the family. When the lucky girl was born, a kind lady sent her a pair of pandora bracelets. She asked the family to take good care of them, and then disappeared. In fact, she was a fairy. The little girl grew up happily as the news spread all over the state.
One day, an evil witch flew there riding her long broom. She considered the present given by a fairy must be a treasure with special magic. In the evening, everyone went asleep except the witch. She came to the front of Pandora’s window, and climbed into the room though the chimney quietly. She quickly took down the pandora bracelet from her left wrist. The girl was so sweet that the witch could not help kissing her. Just at that time, Pandora woke up and started to cry. The witch was so scared that she flew away with the bracelet.
When the witch got to her palace, she took out the stolen capture. It was indeed a charming one. It was made of pure pandora silver, which shone brightly. She closed her eyes, and then put it on her wrist smoothly. Suddenly it got tighter and tighter. She shrieked in alarm. But it was useless. Her wrist was broken off. In fact, she deserved to be punished.
Now let’s come back to the family. When the mother heard Pandora crying, she quickly ran to her room. She held the little girl in the arm and patted her to make her go to sleep again. When she found one of the bracelets was missing, she was startled. She thought it was a symbol of misfortune. She stood on her knees and begged for the fairy’s excuse. The fairy appeared, and smiled mysteriously. She sent her two pandora charms: one was for Pandora, the other was for herself. Then she disappeared again.
The next day, when Pandora was awake, she was very glad to have a pandora charm. However, she missed the other bracelet all the time. She looked for it everywhere, but nothing was found.
As time flew, Pandora became a charming beauty. She was well welcomed by the young men nearby. A young man named John proposed to her. He sent her a pair of pandora earrings
as a keepsake. Though it was her favorite jewelry, she refused him resolutely.
At the age of twenty, Pandora still remembered the losing bracelet. She held the strange idea that the man with it would be her husband. Once upon, while Pandora was walking along the bank of the river, she heard a blast of euphony. She looked up to the tree and saw a bird with a bracelet on its claw. She was excited with great dread. The bird flew to her. Pandora was too scared to move. As soon as its claw came into contact with her left wrist, the bird vanished and a young man appeared. He was so handsome that Pandora fell in love with him immediately. They got through a wonderful day as if was a dream.
The young man told her the truth. Since the witch lost her hand, she thought it was an unlucky stuff. She was filled with envy at the young man’s appearance and she gave him the bracelet. He became a bird in an instant.
The young man asked Pandora to marry him, and she accepted. They received a pandora necklace from the fairy. They had a lifetime of perfect felicity. Thank to pandora jewelry, it brings happiness to the family. Of course, it has witnessed the true love.