Faye wong zhengzhou your live show roll film

From the Faye Wong 2012 Tour singing Zhengzhou Railway Station concert eight days, Coach Outlet the finale masterpiece as the year’s Henan performance market, this concert since the beginning by a great deal of attention. The good reputation of the flagship of Faye Wong, Hong Kong’s first-class production team, Ka Chen billion stars throughout the planning and promotion, so that the original hot concert in full swing at this end of May. Yesterday, came from the organizers of another to allow fans to whom the good news: Zhengzhou brokerage firm to determine Faye Wong patrol singing Memorial Station, will be the brokerage company specializing in the team the whole shot and produced into a film.
Faye Wong patrol singing since 2010 Beijing stood up the process, after three years, traveled across the country. This minor will Zhengzhou Railway Station whole shooting into movies, but also in order to fully demonstrate the days after the sounds of nature, http://www.2linkme.com/add/ and more like Faye Wong fans have the opportunity to enjoy the days after the top music at any time. According to the Zhengzhou organizers responsible person said, Faye Wong brokerage firms next week to send a professional team of 60 people, from the concert works to build the team received, project publicity and performance process of the whole videotaping, and even production cost times Tour singing DVD public offering.
Faye Wong first came to Zhengzhou concert, the brokerage firm announced: Zhengzhou been identified as Faye Wong patrol singing Memorial Station, so this concert is not just a cultural project, Coach Outlet Store Online it relates to the the Henan overall performance levels and Humanities quality. The Government also pays special attention, try to divert traffic, and provide convenience for the fans; fully cooperate with the security, ensure to perform satisfactorily.