I would like to ask you things

and Rui did not know, so he was poisoned “”Well, you can know why there is such a cave?” Replica Handbags suddenly asked.Chen Feng should cry and said: “these mountains a long time ago to detect the presence of coal, so there was a preliminary exploration of the team stationed here, the cave was there, they dug through their meal before formed a present like this. Later, due to Louis Vuitton Bags the detection of mineral storage amount is too small, so they did not exploitation. “Replica Handbags nodded, then said, why the mystery of the cave, untied, so now all this can say passed. Just Replica Handbags after these things happened in this half a month, always think that this incident is not so simple, as, Jian-Jun Louis Vuitton Handbags Su Rui that a jar of propylene pigment. Also, if there is something for the first time do not go in together with their own Xia Xiaobing is indeed suspect.Was thinking of, but is really Chen Feng Xia Xiaobing alone cried the side, asking the what. Replica Handbags shook his head slightly, see Jian-Jun Stephen Sprouse Collection Su also stood by, walked over and asked: “So the teacher, I would like to ask you things.”Jian-Jun Su laughed: “What is it ah?”Replica Handbags would like to ask that a jar of only Rui used acrylic paints, but to his mouth, he swallowed it: “Well, that tomorrow we started school do?”Jian-Jun Su hear Replica Handbags asked this startled a little, laughed: “Yeah! You monitor Louis Vuitton Utah it, how even this all forgot! Not you blow a little, ah, all right! Death is final, put themselves in a state of mind! “Replica Handbags gently, “” cry, and would also like to say anything, suddenly came up from the foot of the mountain group of people to see has been carried to the edge of the Rui corpse in Monogram Vernis the cave began to cry loudly Appears to be Rui’s family came. His son go to college less than a month, has turned into a motionless body, the people how to accept!Looked grief-stricken family of Rui, Wei Qin eyes can not help but moist. He remembered the scenes: This is half a month to be joking with Rui back painting from school bags, in the cave, joking to a few hours ago Replica Handbags is also remembered for their parents. Father is just a small staff and workers, mothers are Louis Vuitton Handbags Rubis also a few years ago laid-off unemployed at home, the family situation in general, learn to spending money like water art some family make ends meet, now Zhongyu Ao out, but still annual tuition fees to worry about poor parental love ah!Replica Handbags sighed and wiped the tearsHermes Ostrich Stripe of the next corner.Liang Hao do not know when standing on the side of the Replica Handbags, to see this scene to marvel: “Oh, this is really “Xia Xiaobing look of frustration take over, Replica Handbags quickly asked: “how?”Xia Xiaobing smile Queshi Bi tears are ugly: “nothing, the officer said that thanks to Rui who found no other injuries, seems to be just as poisoned, but the cave does have to produce chlorine condition! Otherwise, I really can not get a dry line! But this is only the preliminary autopsy, said to me later on call Replica Handbags patted the shoulder of the Xia Xiaobing did not say anything. But at least in his heart, he believed the roommate.At this point Shan xi side also explained that over, the leadership of the School of Rui’s family picked up, Jian-Jun Su trio called Replica Handbags went back to school, back to the 201 bedroom.Liu, Kai Li