Let him concentrate on reading

Youngest directed at his brother roared, the fourth reduction faint not say anything.Five is laughed: “originally thought to provoke a new laborer, did not expect to actually get a treasure, boss, how? To nurture him?”The boss shook his head: “He was just an ordinary students, but also far from cultivation cultivation casually development in the world, we have accepted these new people into that swiss replica watches uk world, just want to look at the world would react to this, do not be too mean. “Yes, boss, that Zhang Jinglong how to deal with? “Five nodded again asked.Fourth interrupted again: “That kid in the world is simply just waste! Get rid of him once and for all the calculations!” To hear such a ferocious presence swiss watches of people did not so what the accident.But that the boss shook his head: “Zhang Jinglong, well, after all, he did not credit also has elbow grease, eliminated the memory of that world, let him concentrate on reading.”The boss has decided that ranks the fourth, although not happy, but do not dare to say what Swiss Replica Breitling had to nod along with everyone else’s.Do not know what the gaming community their own left, the losers of the Swiss watches, light passes through the auditorium to see many students go towards the respective teaching building Bay, went along step freshmen teaching building, the original silence has a noise back to the classrooms, students have been to 77 88.”Brother, your society beauty and more?” Guo Hui, a Swiss watches immediately stand up and wave Swiss Replica Montblanc hello, and look Zeixiao the asked.”I joined the gaming community, there is no girls.” Swiss watches sitting down side replied.”Well, you is not to say you want to join the culinary community? How to join the gaming community?” Guohui Gang surprised a moment, then smiles: “You must slow to move, cooking community attracted over people, so you only join the gaming community!”Yes, you have not joined the swimming community?” Swiss watches nodded asked.”Hey, I do, look at this!” Guo Hui, come up with a community table shook: “our community, but Swiss Ferrari very popular, almost instant on full, if not my first rushed Societies registration, I am afraid that might really have no copies of it. “”Oh, I am a bit strange, good societies naturally people to sign up, but why not put forward a company entrance examination to the contrary, be to determine the chronological order of registration places? It is not a lot of good students can not be added to your favorite community?” Swiss watches it is asked, puzzled.Guo Hui was very proud of, said: “Hey, Now Swiss Replica Panerai that’s fair! Only extra-curricular activities of the school community, but not did you get to compete for what national honor, Why the hell you swim much to let you join the community, people will not travel can not join the community? Therefore, in order to avoid these problems, the school provides, the recruitment of new members shall be in accordance with the rules of a first-come-first-served basis, rather than on your own is to have the ability to meet this community to decide. “Swiss watches blinked, and a variety of rules in this school really some weird, in general, the school set up associations are created in order to allow external competitiveness of schools can win glory, are specially selected the most suitable students to join. South High School regardless of ability