wanderer go out, and finally back!

” 2012-watches Meng opened my eyes, its jing-ray flash.”If I die, all hidden back again dong government sector, where the remaining will be off the veil!” 2012-watches today’s repair, he could have to explore all these things, but he did not do so, but these questions and clues of the stay in the car, leaving these, as their memories of home.This is also a kind of obsession, Replica Watch due to the presence of these unsolved things, making him, even if all forgotten in the years to come, will never forget the home.Star, dozens of Changhong roaring gallop, led to 2012-watches, forward toward the dong House mén appear in Star Lo, all cultivation are impressive, expand the speed at the moment, such as meteor Verge away.Li Qianmei the speed of this will be a little slow, Swiss Montblanc but 2012-watches’s care, but it is not affect.In the period of one month until a few days off that day! 2012-watches with the crowd, came Luo Star dong House mén before The large mén of that the gold sè the tower in the sky, emitting bursts of soft Jinmang far to see, it is spectacular.This too much mén, seems to support Star, that mén next, Xuan Luo, sitting cross-legged gold within an amazing coercion shed from his body, shrouded in four weeks.Almost 2012-watches et al. The arrival of the Verge, Xuan Luo eyes suddenly opened the eyes of jing light filled the air, eyes sweeping across the 2012-watches with its multitude of behind.Mention fight a few days, Swiss Montblanc Watches Actually, I’m the relationship between these people, with the reincarnation of the qualifications! “Xuan Luo discourse back dàng Star, he saw a number of specific heart a little loose some of these less than 20, you can let him saving a lot.He thought, there will be hundreds or even thousands of reincarnation, if so, Xuan Luo reluctant. After all, the greater the number, the greater the difficulties, such as now, the best.In fact, this time, 2012-watches also without fanfare, to inform all people can leave things, otherwise, there must be more person to try to get out of here, the reason for not doing so, Swiss Omega the focus is due to the mysterious Luo.2012-watches do not want to owe more favor, this time, it is already the limit for him, and he did not want an excessive number of load and injury caused by Xuan Luo.Xuan Luo stood up, suddenly waved under the hands pinch tactics toward both sides, immediately sky vibration, a piece of corrugated appear out of thin air, toward all directions swept away, the more bursts of roaring loud noise in this Star roundabout constantly.That the initial sound also is not too severe, but only a moment, roar like thunder, at the end, has almost replaced Swiss Omega Watches the sky all the voices, in this loud noise and ripple, Xuan Luo, Senior’s clothes dancing like its a large number of the airflow in the expansion, his hair is constantly hovering.A huge blood sè sun impressively out from behind the mysterious Luo fuzzy this sun is a Star of gold sè of also have a dim, can not seem to its Zhenghui.The moment the sun appears, Xuan Luo right hand pinch tactics toward the empty grabbed go.Dragon heaven a spirit, life magic out the name of the old lady Xuan Luo, Swiss Panerai Xuan Luo voice full of a strange power in this voice, the stars roar again severe, was surprised to find that numerous corrugated volumes moving moment appeared in the sky a huge whirlpool, whirlpool rapid rotation, far from a seemingly involve the entire Star inhalation of its.Whirlpool depths of darkness, like another world.In this whirlpool of rotation to a certain degree of instant cry Long disadvantages roar that swirl within the madness passed, this dragon