Don’t hesitate to confirm

Don’t hesitate to confirm The land YuHaiBo don’t know what to do, then very obedient and closed his eyes. In YuHaiBo yelled “123″, the LiuCai opened his eyes, at present of all let his brain om to once, he saw mother was standing in front of him… “Mom is a woman, you look now and look after no mess ideas.” YuHaiBo frank said. “Mama, mama, you this is-” the land was at a loss. 12 o ‘clock at night, YuHaiBo to go to the toilet, and found that thomas sabo scorpion the son of lu room also turns on a light, she quietly pushed open the gate and found that the land is looking at yellow web site, she exit door, knocking at the door to let him go to sleep. To go back to bed, to the YuHaiBo about just one act, gas had to fix will and want to play son a good, be YuHaiBo stop. How to land on the correct education and guide? YuHaiBo and fix will have lost in thought. Silent for a long time, YuHaiBo suddenly stockists of thomas sabo surprised to say: “I have a way!” The practice of sitting aside will quickly ask: “quick say quick say, is what way?” “Now that the son is to see the real woman body long what kind, also don’t want to really do bad thing, let him see and not have to you, so that he may not fancy, still wants to go to the crime.” Fix will be YuHaiBo’s words made staggering: “that–that thomas sabo sales let him see which a woman’s body?” “Look at me!” YuHaiBo bite bite lips said. “Absurd, absurd, it on and not let people joke, obscene, absolute not line.” The attitude firmly said. “I’m his mother, even though he is not my own, and their biological mother we are no different, although he had grown up, how much can be long in my heart is also a child. If I really sick in thomas sabo jewellery bed not active, you’re not around the pick urine, feces, body wipe these things don’t have to let him do, then he not also saw my body? If can let the kid growth of physical and mental health, I do think that it’s not very bad, than let him go to sex crime is strong.” YuHaiBo words very sincere, full of the holy mother love, fix will listen to also can’t find out the reason thomas sabo charm club for the opposition. After a serious talk, the couple finally had made up his mind. Beyond the blood of affection On the same day, the LiuFang learn after come back, the mood is very low. The YuHaiBo and called him with unwashen hands. See a table substantial dishes, also is the oneself peacetime favorite, the land to a spirit. After dinner YuHaiBo pack up your kitchen, wash a hot bath, then didn’t wear underwear, direct put on thomas sabo uk a pajamas, came to the son’s room. According to the agreement in advance, the sitting room listening to the things in the progress, not into the son room, lest son embarrassed. A face to the practice of land don’t know YuHaiBo puzzled to and what he says, sitting by the side of computer said nothing. “Son, you really want to see a woman’s body?” YuHaiBo first broke thomas sabo cheap the silence. “I know I shouldn’t like this, can I just couldn’t control myself.” The embarrassing lu said. “That good, now you close your eyes, I call you open your open again.” Small 10 square meters, a table a bed, DuXiaoKe use all the clever and dexterity to let it becomes sweet and nice.