Online shopping luxury genuine as “outstanding”

Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) handbags, HERMES (Hermes) and scarves, Chanel (Chanel) shoulder bag …… these people feel dizzy luxury Cartier, the only product, which serves network The luxury site, than the market price of several thousand dollars cheaper, or even million, which will undoubtedly attract a lot of the attention of consumers, and these sites are claiming one hundred percent authentic guaranteed to support the authority inspection. However, the reporter visited the market, found that local businesses and the relevant departments to refuse to purchase goods for these network inspection, lead to the luxury of genuine issues as “unsolved”.

Website: “100 per cent genuine”

With people online shopping is increasingly toward the luxury market of high-end, and a huge potential to become the online shopping to a new growth point. The banner of “genuine”, “discount” cheap luxury site quickly “became popular, attracting many consumers Taobao.

Yesterday, reporters registered login a luxury shopping site and customer service they provide are 100% genuine original, and can accept any authority through Europe and the United States import or specialty channels, procurement, genuine validation. Consumer shopping vouchers and invoices will be sent in 30 working days after receipt of the goods.

Guaranteed authentic description of this site, see the website promised goods are authentic by the China United Property Insurance Company underwriting. Claims Procedure, the site said: “If you is brand genuine in doubt, please immediately go to the business and other related statutory sector identification of product quality if the identification results of non-brand genuine, at the latest after the receipt of goods within 90 days, to obtain full compensation for the price of goods to the Chinese insurance companies according to legal procedures. ”

The reporter also learned that a number of luxury websites said they sold the goods “100 percent” authentic.

Consumers: inspection difficult Sharen

Shopping sites to ensure that their goods can stand the test of the counter, but many consumers are buying luxury goods online shopping baby is unable to inspection.

Yesterday, this reporter visited the city’s major luxury counter, counters are unable to provide such identification. A goods store clerk said, only the store’s shopping receipts can only be necessary after-sales of goods, such as no documents, you can not provide any services. “Of course we know the merchandise is authentic Burberry’s, however, we do not for online shopping consumers identify the authenticity of the consumer For identification, can find the authority of industry and commerce.” The clerk replied.

In the Chanel counter, the sales staff, told reporters: fake now, especially not, we do not identify the event is false, it might give us trouble, and the company has a similar provision, we do not have the right to issue any written identification the genuineness of consumer goods, we can not tell, but I think that since the purchase of luxury goods from the store to buy more comfortable. “Subsequently, the reporter asked the city to a number of luxury counter, the answer is so.

The relevant departments: unable to provide identification

Counter denial of inspection, industrial and commercial quality inspection departments are able to determine it? Learned from the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the industrial and commercial quality inspection departments for consumers to buy things, but to do the quality of identification can not be identified luxury is not genuine must be co-branded businesses in order to make identification.

Subsequently, the reporter to call the Provincial Consumer Association, the staff told reporters that suspected Internet to buy counterfeit luxury goods, are required to site the location of the Consumer Council complaints. The same time, the staff recommends that the complaints issued by the relevant proof of identification, such as the authenticity of the luxury brands Confirmation, or the authenticity of the Certificate of Authenticity provided by official quality inspection institutions, it would be difficult to handle.

In this regard, experts suggest that in the United States and Europe, and now has a private sector accreditation bodies. Promising market, private enterprises and foreign-related accreditation bodies to Identification Center, established in the country. However, in the case of the authenticity of the identification of “nowhere”, the consumer online shopping luxury, still have to work too hard

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